Pamela David’s emotion over Fabiana Liuzzi’s heartbreaking story about Antonito’s birth

Pamela David’s emotion over Fabiana Liuzzi’s heartbreaking story about Antonito’s birth
Pamela David’s emotion over Fabiana Liuzzi’s heartbreaking story about Antonito’s birth

“When he was fighting for his life in the neo. I ran, a pastor said a prayer in a handkerchief and I put it in his neo“, He recalled and specified that they were two babies. “They were twins, one stopped, and he continued running”he added.

At that moment, Pamela David became emotional and stated that the possibility of terminating the pregnancy was due to concern for her health: “If ever a father had to think about not being born, it was to take care of you”.

With tears in her eyes, the driver highlighted the effort that Fabiana made for her son. “You gave everything for Antonio to be here. It was very hard,” he emphasized. “It was a very hard moment for both of us. I was struggling with a son who didn’t know if every second was passing,” the guest agreed.

At the end, Fabiana highlighted that things are very good with Luis and mentioned that she always understood the reaction he had when her health was so delicate. “At certain times, people have unfavorable words, but they have to do with personal experiences, or things that one goes through, that lead you to think about that,” hill.

Antonito, the son of Luis Ventura, received the blessing of Leda, the healer: the details

This weekend, Fabiana Liuzzi and his son Anthonythe result of his relationship with the journalist Luis Venturathey visited the Basilica of Our Lady of Lourdes de Santos Lugares, where Leda Bergonzi ‘The Healer of Rosario’.

So a few hours ago the former star shared the moving experience through her social networks. “Antonito was blessed by @leda_bergonzi. It was a wonderful experience! Thank you to everyone who helped us for the love and empathy!”he wrote in a first post where the boy is seen kneeling in front of an altar with the figure of Jesus Christ and a huge heart of red roses.

Meanwhile, in a following post, Fabiana He added a series of postcards inside the church and detailed: “Here was my little prince, this time with a mission, to be blessed by @leda_bergonzi, an incredible woman, full of the holy spirit”.

Antonio Ventura and lunar heart.jpg

“In the second photo I wanted to share the heart-shaped mole that Antoñito was born with on his head…”Liuzzi added.

While the little one’s mother Fortune He concluded his post with more thanks for the many beautiful demonstrations of affection they received.

“I wanted to thank so many people who came to greet us and collaborated so that Toni could pass. With the help of God and the love of people for my son, we did it. It was very exciting. A special day that will be recorded in the passage through this life. Thank you”she closed emotionally.

Antonito Ventura blessing Leda IG.jpg

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