Jimena Cyrulnik, secret wedding, family ensemble and the upcoming honeymoon

Jimena Cyrulnik, secret wedding, family ensemble and the upcoming honeymoon
Jimena Cyrulnik, secret wedding, family ensemble and the upcoming honeymoon


“If we marry. We felt like it, we made the decision, we asked for a date and we got married last week in Civil. On Saturday we had dinner with some of our friends and many were left outside,” he told her. Jimena Cyrulnik to THE NATION.

The host and model has been in a relationship with Facundo for four years, an accountant whom she met at the last friends’ barbecue they had. in March 2020before mandatory isolation was declared due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Since then, the relationship has grown. and the family was assembled. They were so well off that they wanted to formalize and try living together instead of as a couple with a bed outside.

-What decided you to get married?

-How well we are.

-Why did you choose to do it privately and without a party?

-It happened like that. The celebration was so spontaneous that we put it together on the day. We got married in Civil during the week and on Saturday we decided to have a meal with neighbors and friends. Imagine how relaxed and spontaneous it was! (Laughs) We had a great time, we ate delicious, we danced, we talked, we laughed a lot. It was so calm, so much so that the next day we got up at 8 in the morning and went riding our motorcycle to the DGR (the Distinguished Gentleman’s Ride, which is an annual meeting whose objective is to raise awareness about mental health). It’s a motorcycle event we always go to, we love it.

-And what do your sons, Tyron and Calder, and Facundo’s sons say? Are you happy with the wedding?

-Our children are happy for us.

-Is there a family assembly?

-Yes, we all have the best; us with them, they with us. Everything flows in a spectacular way.

-Is there a honeymoon?

-We are planning a trip. We haven’t decided where yet, but it will be in a couple of months. We are defining some things.

JImena Cyrulnik and her boyfriend on vacation in Southeast AsiaCourtesy of JImena Cyrulnik

She seems happy and radiant, but Jimena Cyrulnik finds it difficult to talk about her privacy. Several years ago she decided to lower her profile and that’s how she is happy. The beginning of the relationship was strange. They met at that barbecue with mutual friends and were not able to see each other again until many months later, when the restriction was lifted. Then, the relationship grew virtually, with calls, messages, video calls and increasingly stronger desires to see each other again. The first date was many months later and there they realized that the bond had grown and was strong. “We met in March 2020 at a barbecue at a friend’s house and It was an absolute crush. We started talking and the relationship developed very quickly. During the isolation we continued talking on the phone, getting to know each other and then we were able to see each other again. My children, Lucas (Kirby, his ex-husband and father of his children) and my entire family already know him. We have a super-strong relationship,” Cyrulnik revealed to THE NATION three years ago.

At that time, the host also said that it was a relationship without cohabitation because a few months ago she had divorced the father of her children. “For now it is a bed outside, although it is not that way because we share a lot. Obviously, I have my house with my children and he has his house with his daughters, who are already grown. On the other hand, mine are small and we respect those spaces, but we share a lot. For now, this is how we function perfectly and there are no plans to live together.” Over the years, they changed their minds and today they are a brand new newly married couple.

Cyrulnik always maintained a good relationship with her ex, Lucas Kirby, so much so that during the first part of the isolation, in the middle of the pandemic, they decided to live together again to accompany each other, but they never thought about a reconciliation. “When I got divorced I decreed that we were going to be the best exes in the world and that we were going to get along great. Obviously, it is not always easy, but we both understand that the priority is our children,” he said.

Facundo is an accountant and is the brother of one of his friends whom he had never met until that barbecue. The coexistence began a little before the wedding and came to fruition after realizing how well they got along on trips. In these shared years, the couple visited Southeast Asia, Paris and spend every summer in Punta del Este.

Away from television for now, the host is dedicated to her role as a designer; She has had the Xyrus tights brand for several years. “It gives me a lot of satisfaction and makes me very happy, and at the same time I have time to be with my children. Obviously, I don’t rule out returning to TV because I love it, I grew up there, but today I can’t find a way around the proposals that come to me, so for now I’m going as a guest. My job today is my Xyrus girls and their needs.”

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