Belén Esteban sends a message to Kike Calleja’s wife after going to the emergency room

Belén Esteban sends a message to Kike Calleja’s wife after going to the emergency room
Belén Esteban sends a message to Kike Calleja’s wife after going to the emergency room

Belen Esteban (50 years old), who has confessed to be very happy in his new stage of ‘Ni que fuerámos’ on the Quickie channel, hhas revealed a health problem that Raquel Abad has suffered, wife of Kike Calleja. The collaborator, who does not hold back and calls ‘Sálvame’ live despite threats from Mediaset, has said live that the former big sister suffered a small health scare for which they had to go to the emergency room.

“I spoke with Kike Calleja, who called me this morning. I want to send a kiss to Raquel because yesterday she had to go to the hospital. She got sick from a pinch“Belén explained, looking at the camera, very grateful that the reporter contacted her after her departure from the audiovisual group. And according to the workers of this new program, there are many people who have not written or called them. in any moment.

In fact, in this conversation with former ‘Survivors’ contestant Belén has assured that Kike has indeed contacted them and that he knows perfectly well the type of relationship they have despite no longer working for the same network. “He told me that we have been his colleagues and that we are his friends“, ‘the boss’ said.

The feelings of Belén Esteban and María Patiño

After saying that her departure from Mediaset was not the best and that they felt very bad about the treatment they received, María Patiño has confessed that she had a very bad time not because ‘Sálvame’ ended but because she felt like she was going to “disappear from the map” . “I have felt this way and that practically all of that wonderful newspaper archive was despised. A time has come when I have to look ahead. Furthermore, anyone who knows me knows that I have never laughed at people in the middle who have not succeeded. And the happiness that I feel now because of how people have reacted to this very modest channel cannot be covered up by a failure from the past,” the journalist said. “LMy psychologist, Belén Esteban and my friends already heard anger“, has added.

After her words, it was Belén who confirmed how bad María had it after the end of the Telecinco program, which was undoubtedly a flagship of the network. “I know how you’ve been and I haven’t had it that bad. It’s not Ana Rosa’s fault for being there because she accepted an offer like our bosses would have accepted. It’s the management’s fault for having kicked us to the curb.” * street in a very ugly way. I don’t want to talk about the chain in front because I have been happy. The only thing I have said in any podcast is that the manners were not appropriate. I’m tired of people saying we’ve made a lot of money. Yes, sir, we have won it, but they have won three times as much. The only thing I reproach Mediaset for is the way we said goodbye because if they gave my bosses a format like Ana Rosa Quintana’s they would have taken it. I am afraid and not being able to say…”, ‘the people’s princess’ has bluntly expressed.

But also, the ex-wife of Jesulín de Ubrique He remembered when María “isolated herself”, she didn’t even want to pick up the phone and she didn’t stop crying. “I worried and called her 50 times a day. Everyone has taken it differently. She likes being a journalist. She was looking for information without having a job. I don’t understand when people now talk about us. We look like serial killers. What have we done? done? Work!” he revealed.

Belén Esteban and María Patiño in Quickie.


Belén also wanted to emphasize that both she and her colleagues are very privileged to be on screen because there are many other workers who were left on the street and were not so lucky: “We are lucky but there were 192 families who went to the street. That many are working in other chains and that is why I am proud of the majority. There are people who appear in the opposite chain who were very worried. María called when she had news so that whoever could keep it and give it. And they didn’t say it was hers, they kept it“Esteban confessed about his partner.

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