Soledad Larghi’s trip with her partner to New York, after confirming her pregnancy: all the photos

Soledad Larghi’s trip with her partner to New York, after confirming her pregnancy: all the photos
Soledad Larghi’s trip with her partner to New York, after confirming her pregnancy: all the photos

Three weeks after confirming her pregnancy, Soledad Larghi (43) traveled to New York to take a well-deserved vacation from work and prepare for the baby’s arrival. Through her social networks, the journalist and host shared images of the places she is visiting.

In the sweet wait and alone, Soledad shared a postcard at the iconic point where you can see the Brooklyn Bridge perfectly, from Washington Street in the Dumbo neighborhood, located on the island of Manhattan.

With a huge smile on his face and his fingers pointing at the bridge, he wrote: “On the most famous street on Instagram.”

In the same place, his partner, Luciano Vitulloshared an image in which the two are seen together, with him placing his hands on Soledad’s tummy.

On the other hand, the journalist from América Noticias (América TV) also uploaded various stories to show the tourist spots she visited in NY.

Soledad Larghi and Luciano Vitullo in New York. Photo: Instagram.

He started by passing through the New York cemetery and from there he headed to the 9/11 Memorial and Museum, the place where the Twin Towers once stood, prior to the attack that occurred in 2001, and which today serves as a tribute to the victims. In the image of Soledad, she is seen from behind looking at the grave and, in the following story, some names of the deceased people, carved on the monument.

Soledad Larghi visited the tribute to the attack on the Twin Towers. Photo: Instagram

As he continued walking through the endless streets of Manhattan, Larghi also shared some postcards of the buildings and the intersections of the avenues.

Thus it came to The Vessela structure built as part of the Hudson Yards Development Plan, and the journalist did not hesitate to pose in front of all the nooks and crannies of the imposing attraction.

The photo of Soledad Larghi in front of The Vessel. Photo: Instagram

Another renowned tourist spot is Wall Streetthe eight-block street that serves as the city’s financial hub.

In it, it stands out the sculpture of the bull by Arturo Di Modicamade of bronze and representing vigor and determination.

Although the statue usually has long lines around it to be able to pose next to it, Soledad took the time and took a photo with the figure of the animal.

The journalist visited Wall Street. Photo: Instagram

As it could not be missed, finally, the journalist undertook a new adventure and walked through the Brooklyn Bridgethe bridge that connects the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn over the East River.

With a big smile, Soledad posed under the sunny sky and wrote: “I love NY.”

Soledad Larghi on the Brooklyn Bridge. Photo: Instagram

Soledad Larghi’s exciting pregnancy announcement

“This was a happy ending to a story that was very hard.”said Soledad Larghi on the air in America News, three weeks ago, when they broke the news that she She is three months pregnant.

Soledad explained that she had been in treatment for three years to try to achieve this. Shortly before the pandemic began, she explained that I had lost another pregnancy naturally.

Soledad Larghi, for Clarín. Photo: Fernando de la Orden.

I show my belly, which if you look in profile, you can already see it. We piloted her well, but she can already be seen,” said Soledad, through tears.

“I’m happy,” said Soledad Larghi. And she explained: “It was a very long search, very beautiful, with a lot of learning.”


He said that he underwent a long treatment to achieve this.

“How long was that search?” Rolando Graña asked him. “Since we had a natural pregnancy loss, when the pandemic was just beginning, until now… It was three years of treatment. It was a super, super intense path. But also, a lot of learning, for us and for our family, who helped us and supported us.”

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