Kiko Matamoros reveals the project that Mediaset promised Arantxa del Sol for her participation in ‘Survivientes’

Kiko Matamoros reveals the project that Mediaset promised Arantxa del Sol for her participation in ‘Survivientes’
Kiko Matamoros reveals the project that Mediaset promised Arantxa del Sol for her participation in ‘Survivientes’

Belén Esteban, Kiko Matamoros, Lydia Lozano, Víctor Sandoval, María Patiño and Chelo García Cortés have started a new adventure just a few meters from Mediaset, “the chain opposite”, as they call it so as not to say its name. The former collaborators of ‘Sálvame’, who still have many contacts at Telecinco, have returned with ‘No way we were’ on the Quickie channel, where they no longer mince words. They do not hold back and confess some of the secrets that they previously would not have let them.

And after giving several points to everything that happened with the disappearance of Ángel Cristo for three hours in Honduras, a situation for which the audiovisual group has been highly criticized, the collaborators of this new format that can be seen through YouTube and other platforms have counted the project that Arantxa del Sol would have gone to if it were not banned for his terrible and complicated reaction to Bárbara Rey’s son on the boat.

When ‘Survivors’ 2024 announced the confirmed profiles for the experience in Honduras It was very surprising that Arantxa del Sol was in the casting. Away from television for years, the current audience (especially the younger ones) did not know her and anyone who thought about her would be speechless to think that she would accept the offer (as also happened to us in her day, keeping our distance, with Isabel Pantoja).

Upon her arrival on Telecinco’s extreme reality show, Arantxa became someone strong in several weeks, wanting to continue and show that she was a strong woman who could handle anything. Of course, this Wednesday, May 22, Kiko, Víctor and María have revealed the real reason why Finito de Córdoba’s wife said “yes” to the casting of ‘Survivors’. And the collaborators of ‘Ni que fuerámos’ have revealed that the now vetoed Mediaset She was going to stay with the network’s afternoons as a substitute for Sandra Barneda in ‘That’s Life’ when she was on vacation in the summer. “I’m sorry, I wish it had been possible because it would have gone wonderfully for her,” said Laura Matamoros’ father.

Arantxa del Sol, outside of ‘Survivors’

Until the last ‘Conexión Honduras’ gala, Ángel Cristo Jr. did not know that Arantxa del Sol was completely out of the contest. She is not allowed to attend the galas and she has been banned from the network because of her terrible attitude. She herself confessed that she had slapped her partner, although days later Kiko Matamoros told a new, stronger version. “I insulted him, I used the same adjectives that he had used such as crab, parasite, I said strong things to him… I was very angry because of all the lies he was telling, the strongest was what he was saying about his wife’s relationship with my husband,” the former survivor said. “The reality is that he hit three sovereign punches to Ángel Cristo”said the collaborator of ‘Ni que fuerámos’.

After telling what happened, Mediaset made the decision (for violating its code of ethics) to throw Arantxa out on the street. A measure that was taken very late, according to Bárbara Rey’s son. “I don’t care about the consequences of my escape. Then we should also talk about when Arantxa del Sol hit me on the boat. There were witnesses and it was not taken into account. And since it was not recorded, it doesn’t exist, right? The team knew it and no consequences were taken,” said the contestant to Carlos Sobera. Some words that undoubtedly called into question the version of the organization, who said that he had found out about the attack much later, since it continued for two weeks. in the reality show until the public expelled her and it was not until she revealed what happened that the network took action on the matter.

Since it was not recorded, it does not exist. Consequences for some yes and others no“, Cristo also said, to which the presenter added that he himself was the one who initially decided “not to report what happened to Arantxa.” And although Ángel apologized for his behavior and for having crossed the limits (something that was truly conscious), the program made the decision to end his adventure with a disciplinary expulsion. A terrible final touch to a contest full of controversies and shouts in which he even said that all ““Women only know how to bring men down.”

The words of Arantxa del Sol

Away from the media spotlight and focused on her family, Arantxa wants to stay away from controversy. Of course, a few days ago she did not hesitate to write a statement through her social networks to confess her regret. “Your words of support have been and continue to be a balm for the soul at this timeespecially this week that has been turbulent for me and those around me. I acknowledge and regret my actions and although they responded to the coercion, pressure and nerves experienced at a specific moment in the program, does not justify my actions. Never,” she began by saying on her Instagram.

“YesI am a strong woman, full of joy and vitality, but recognizing when it is the moment when you lack strength is also important.. Now it’s time to be with my loved ones, receive their love and take care of myself. Thank you all for your unconditional support day after day,” she concluded.

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