Silvestre Dangond’s first reaction to pay tribute to Omar Geles after his death

Silvestre Dangond’s first reaction to pay tribute to Omar Geles after his death
Silvestre Dangond’s first reaction to pay tribute to Omar Geles after his death

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The death of singer Omar Geles left orphaned a generation of artists of that genre who, in part, achieved recognition after recording songs with lyrics written by him. “king” of Colombian vallenato.

Singers like Jorge Celedón, Nelson Velásquez, Felipe Peláes, Iván Villazón, Diomedes Díaz and Silvestre Dangond recorded lyrics composed by Geles, founder of The Little Devils with Miguel Morales and soloist since April 2010.

Dangond, with whom Geles had an almost father-son relationship, has not formally commented on the singer’s death, which is being evening this Wednesday, May 22 at the Rafael Carrillo Lúquez Departmental Library in Valledupar, but he did have a gesture that shows the affection he had for Geles.

In the last few hours, Silvestre – considered by many to be the most important singer of the “new wave of vallenato” – He put a photo with Geles as his profile photo on his Instagram. He also placed a shot next to the composer of “The Paths of Life” in the “biography” photo of his X profile (formerly Twitter).

Both images were taken during Silvestre Dangond’s tribute to Geles at the concert he held over the weekend. passed at the El Campín stadium in Bogotá.

At that moment, Dangond assured Geles that half of what he had achieved in his career he owed to the lyrics that the artist had composed for him to sing.

“Everyone knows the immense love I feel for you and your songs. Half my career is in your hands, black. “I adore you, my black man, I love you.”were the exact words of Silvestre, who became the first vallenato singer who managed to fill the capital’s biggest soccer stage with an audience in a concert.

Geles, who was 57 years old and died due to a cardiac arrest he suffered while he was playing tennis with the artist Osmar Pérez in Valledupar, thanked him with a verse in which he compared him to Diomedes Díaz. Later, he made a heartfelt publication on his social networks.

“You don’t just need the talent, the charisma, nor the grace, nor the passion that Silvestre Dangond has, you need discipline and organization, you need grit and all of that is summed up in you champion. I cried as soon as I could see that full stadium, Without a doubt, it is the greatest thing that has happened to vallenato in Colombia. Until today, no one was able to achieve such a feat. “I feel honored to be part of your great legacy through my songs that you have recorded with so much passion and professionalism,” were the words of Geles, who finished the message of the publication with: I love you son.”

Silvestre, like many artists who belong to the “new wave of vallenato” have been hit by the departure of Geles. They will surely pay tribute to him by singing the songs that helped them become famous and continuing a successful career.

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