The German press names the friend with whom Prince William replaces his brother Harry

The German press names the friend with whom Prince William replaces his brother Harry
The German press names the friend with whom Prince William replaces his brother Harry

The delicate situation of the British Royal House has placed its members in the center of the media spotlight. Since the illness shared by Charles III (75 years old) and Kate Middleton (42 years old) came to light, every gesture, problem and relationship of the English royals has been analyzed with a magnifying glass. One of the topics of most interest has monopolized is the bond between Prince William (41 years old) and Harry (39 years old).

Although it is true that the origin of his anger came from afar, it seems that the departure of the youngest son of Diana and Meghan Markle from the monarchy would have strained the relationship between the brothers until it is completely broken. In fact, for years the only reasons they have seen each other have been truly important matters of state, such as the death of his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II.


The most recent proof is that during Harry’s visit to the United Kingdom for the Invictus Games, despite the young man’s desperate attempts, there was no reunion after years apart. Each one continued with their agendas without looking for any time to see each other. In short, a rupture between the two that does not seem to be resolved soon.

The absence of his little brother, both physically and relationally, has led the future king to seek support from other people around youlike Kate Middleton, his own father or… a very close friend who would have come to replace the bond that William maintained with Harry.

The German press brings to light the name of Prince William’s friend

The newspaper ‘Bunte’ has been in charge of giving the name and surname of Prince William’s friend who is like a brother to him. A figure that we already know, but we were unaware of his connection with the heir to the throne. Who is it about? None other than Peter Phillips (46 years old)Princess Anne’s eldest son and William and Harry’s first cousin.

According to the aforementioned publication, Peter would have “stood next to Guillermo as if closest confidant and older brother“An example is how Phillips praised his cousin and Middleton’s marriage, as reported by ‘Tatler’. “William and Kate are a fantastic team. Your children are amazing and have done a great job, balancing public life and trying to be parents of three young children“he would have said.


This unconditional support would not be surprising, since both have known each other since birth and have grown up within the English Crown, so they know everything that entails. In fact, he himself explained in the aforementioned media that they spent a good part of their childhood together. “We had a lot of fun and there was a lot of space for the kids to run around, and it wasn’t just us,” he explained.

The last time we saw them together It was just a few days ago. when Prince William presided over a party in the Buckingham gardens, surrounded by some of his cousins, such as Zara Tindall, Eugenia de York or Peter Phillips himself. This fact is curious since, as a general rule, Princess Anne’s children appear very rarely in public and are among the most discreet members of royalty. This way, this royal would have become a key figure for Guillermo, helping him cope with the delicate events that are overwhelming his family in recent months.

An expert on the British Royal House reveals when the relationship between Harry and William ended

The departure of Harry and Meghan from the Royal House, the interview with Oprah Winfrey talking about her family or the publication of ‘In the Shadow’, the book written by the prince, made the bond between brothers had just been completely broken. However, it was much earlier when the relationship between Charles III’s children began to rust.

The royal biographer and expert on the British Crown, Robert Lacey, revealed a few weeks ago when the dispute between William and Harry began. It was during the time in which Markle’s husband was involved in several high-caliber scandals. For example, the occasion when he was caught smoking cannabis, something that generated very harsh headlines against drug use. Or the very famous cover of ‘The Sun’ in which Harry appeared dressed as a Nazi. On both occasions, the prince had to apologize.


While this was happening and Harry was pointed out as the culprit, William went unnoticed and emerged unscathed from any action. Thus, “Meghan was not the original motivation for Prince Harry’s decision to get rid of his family.

In January 2005, after the costume fiasco, we now know that Prince Harry wanted to reassess his older brother’s involvement and the injustice of William getting away with it,” Lacey told the Daily Mail. In other words, he He didn’t want to continue being his family’s scapegoat.

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