Yuyito González revealed details of his meeting with Javier Milei in the Luna Park dressing room

Yuyito González revealed details of his meeting with Javier Milei in the Luna Park dressing room
Yuyito González revealed details of his meeting with Javier Milei in the Luna Park dressing room

Yuyito González revealed how he arrived at Javier Milei’s event

On Wednesday night, the President Javier Milei presented at the Luna Park your book Capitalism, socialism and the neoclassical trap (Editorial Planeta). In addition to speaking on the content of the text, the economist interpreted the topic Panic show from La Renga, soundtrack who has been accompanying him in his political career, and gathered thousands of followers who encouraged him inside and outside the venue.

Among the attendees, The presence in the front row caught attention of Amalia Yuyito González. The host followed the event with the vice president Victoria Villarruel and the Minister of Human Capital, Sandra Pettovello. It also emerged that he had access to the dressing room, where he was also Karina Mileigeneral secretary of the Presidency and sister of the first president.

In this context, Yuyito’s name slipped into the trends of social networks, and many alluded to a possible romance with Milei, who just over a month ago announced his separation from Fátima Flórez. This morning, the actress was in very morning the program that leads Carmen Barbieri in El Trece, and clarified what relationship unites her with the head of state.

First, he recapitulated that Their relationship began after having interviewed him in the cycle Start the day who commands Ciudad Magazine: “In October we started the program and, since Milei was in the campaign, I managed the interview alone. And for Luna Park I did the same. The truth is that I liked to see the presentation of the book, a private event, nothing state, so I started to manage it. They picked me up, I went with a friend who collaborates with me and they sat me where they sat me. They could have sat me in the last row and I didn’t care because I had no idea where they were going to sit me or anything at all.”, he started.

Regarding the event, he highlighted that “there were 300 journalists and I didn’t know that they had to be accredited or anything.” To resolve the situation, he contacted some acquaintances who got him a location in the place, which ended up being privileged. “I entered Luna with Sandra Pettovello, because she went to my program when Milei was, so a kind of good vibe was generated there. They opened a door and it was the dressing room. “I didn’t even know that there was a dressing room or that Milei was inside.”

Yuyito described his meeting with Milei in the dressing room

Next, the ex-vedette told what she saw in that intimate space: “Karina was there, and I met her there and greeted her. My assistant and friend was there, Sandra (Pettovello) was there, (Javier) Milei was there and we were there for a while, we shared, without catering or anything. And when we saw each other it was that thing like what happened when we saw each other on the program, that enthusiasm,” she revealed.

At that moment, the driver Carmen Barbieri took the opportunity to ask him if he liked the President as a man: “I think he is a nice man, he is very intelligent. I saw him on my program and I saw him yesterday, I don’t have that deal to tell you if I think he has a good sense of humor, I would say yes.”

As he clarified, there was no personal approach beyond the event and he stressed that he simply appreciated the opportunity and that they did not agree to meet at another time. Furthermore, the driver She was surprised by the media attention that her presence at the event generated. and reiterated that his relationship with Milei is purely professional. “Today I had 200 thousand messages from all the press. Thank you all, but that’s it,” she explained, lowering the magnitude of the speculation.

In addition to the media repercussions, the issue naturally gained relevance on social networks, where his name was a trend, and also inside his home: “You appeared everywhere, don’t read anything. You are a coherent person“Be focused, don’t get too involved in all this,” her daughters advised her when she returned home. “I only went to an event,” Amalia concluded, paying attention to them and seeking to put an end to the topic.

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