The unexpected death of Omar Geles left another singer hospitalized, who is he?

The unexpected death of Omar Geles left another singer hospitalized, who is he?
The unexpected death of Omar Geles left another singer hospitalized, who is he?
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The death of the renowned vallenato composer and performer Omar Geles has shocked the musical community and vallenato fans in the country and around the world.

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After the unexpected news, the Venezuelan singer Alex Martinez, close friend of Gelessuffered severe abdominal pain and had to be urgently hospitalized in Montería.

According to local media, Martínez was in a state of shock upon learning of Geles’ death, which triggered abdominal pain that required immediate medical attention. The artist remained under observation throughout the night of Wednesday, May 22.

Martínez and Geles maintained a close personal and professional relationship. Geles, recognized for his career in vallenato with songs like The ways of the life and A blank sheet, He had been a mentor to Martínez, who considered him a teacher and an important figure in his musical career.

In fact, Martínez has successfully performed several of Geles’ greatest hits, such as Find a confidant and Nonetheless.

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Despite not having been able to travel immediately to Valledupar to join the funeral services of his friend and mentor, Martínez already arrived this Thursday, May 23, to participate in the posthumous events and say goodbye to Geles.

“I arrived and I did not dare to see you in the coffin, but I will always remember you for that nobility, passion for music and infinite humility. He flies high master,” wrote the artist.

The death of Ómar Geles leaves a great void in the world of vallenato. His musical legacy and his influence on new generations of artists will remain present forever.

The hospitalization of Álex Martínez, as a consequence of the pain over the loss of his friend, is a reflection of the death of this great vallenato.

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Why did Omar Geles die?

Geles was hospitalized last month in a clinic in Miami, United States, where he was on a musical tour. The vallenato performer was hypertensive and during his time in La Florida he suffered severe pain in his chest and arm during a show.

The musician was 57 years old and apparently suffered a cardiac event while playing a tennis match this Tuesday, May 21, at the Country Club, in the North of Valleduparwhen he collapsed, which is why he was immediately taken to a healthcare center.

Omar Geles was playing in the company of fellow singer Osmar Pérez. His death occurred at the Erasmo Clinic, where his colleagues and Vallenata fans arrived, spontaneously beginning to sing the singer’s greatest hits.

He recorded 20 studio albums throughout his career and won the Latin Grammy Award for Best Vallenato Album in 2009 for In the heart of the town and was considered one of the great exponents of this genre and received the nickname “The King of Piquería” for his virtuosity on the accordion and his unique style of composition. He was crowned Rey Vallenato in 1989.

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