Why would they take Mono Zabaleta out of the wake of his colleague Omar Geles?

Why would they take Mono Zabaleta out of the wake of his colleague Omar Geles?
Why would they take Mono Zabaleta out of the wake of his colleague Omar Geles?

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A video circulated on social networks in which a person, supposedly a relative of the deceased, can be seen. Omar Geles, reproaching the singer Mono Zabaleta for his problems in the past with the late artist.

After Geles’ death last Tuesday, suffering a massive heart attack, the artist’s fan and her colleagues went, first to the hospital and then to the place where the funeral is being held to say goodbye to him.

According to what friends of Gels and Zabaleta, The setback between the two arose several months ago.

“I have recorded songs by him, but I have never been impressed with his songs. I recorded several songs for Omar at the beginning, but now Omar charges 60 and 70 million pesos for a song,” Zabaleta said at the time, in statements reproduced by Vallenato Blog.

The discussion seemed to have ended there, but at Geles’ wake the attendees witnessed the moment in which A person complains to Mono Zabaleta for his presence in the place.

However, Zabaleta, through his musical organizationdenied that they had taken him from the place, although he did not clarify what happened. In the same text he said that the controversy was a thing of the past and that Geles himself had taken it with humor.

“He was never removed from the wake where the teacher Omar Geles was said goodbye, the artist Mono Zabaleta came to say goodbye to someone who was his friend.”

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In the statement they point out that “someone outside the Geles family, in a state of rage, who accompanied the acts carried out against him, was the author of the reproach.”

Finally, the letter states that “this can be demonstrated in the publication that the teacher Omar Geles made to the artist ‘Mono’ Zabaleta on March 13, 2024 through his Instagram, where he took in a joking manner and as things of folklore the situation of collecting a song.”

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The funeral of Omar Geles took place this Thursday, May 23, at 4 in the afternoon, at the Jardines de Ecce Homo cemetery in the city of Valledupar.

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