Raphy Pina, finally home after two years in prison

Raphy Pina, finally home after two years in prison
Raphy Pina, finally home after two years in prison

“Today I’m going to prison, but I’m going to come back,” the popular face in urban music had said years ago. This time, he himself appeared on his social networks updating his status.

The popular music producer Raphy Pina, known in the urban music industry and former right-hand man of legends such as Daddy Yankee, He finally got out of jail. The businessman himself announced on his Instagram broadcast channel that he has “3 days living” in your home, in order to welcome a normal life.

Did Raphy Pina get out of jail? More than one sign alerts followers of the popular promoter of urban music

According to his own statements made on May 24, he is still in the custody of the authorities, specifically the federal custody of the BOP (United States Bureau of Prisons), “They do not allow me to appear on social networks until the sentence is finished and/or the petitions are authorized,” specific.

Raphy Pina, husband of Natti Natasha, speaks out from prison after strong rumors

Although he is not yet 100% free, optimism is the protagonist of his daily life: “There is not much left to turn on that ‘live’ and give the best stories and advice to that youth that is growing and they must understand many things, which they will learn from us until they are in a place without a departure time,” he said.

Weeks ago The false news had spread that the man was released from prison, However, it was not, “when I’m out you’ll know for myself”, contributed to the confusion, since he was still in one of the Miami Residential Reentry Administration facilities.

Raphy Pina’s appeal to reduce his sentence is denied

“I am in a less rigorous process called half houses. So we’re done right now, this is the last step to freedom,” he pointed out at that time.

According to the authorities, the producer would leave his current legal status this August 5, at which time his sentence would be completely completed, after having been held for approximately two years at the FCI Butner Medium Iin North Carolina, a space that his partner, Natti Natasha, visited several times in order to maintain contact.

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