Everything that Ángel Cristo Jr. did on his return flight to Spain from ‘Survivors 2024’ comes to light

Everything that Ángel Cristo Jr. did on his return flight to Spain from ‘Survivors 2024’ comes to light
Everything that Ángel Cristo Jr. did on his return flight to Spain from ‘Survivors 2024’ comes to light

Since last Sunday, We have closely followed all the steps of Ángel Cristo Jr. After leaving the security perimeter, which led the Honduran Armed Forces to search for him, the ‘Survivors 2024’ organization sanctioned him with his immediate expulsion. Defiant and haughty, Bárbara Rey’s son He assured that that was what he wanted and that he was willing to pay the penalty.

Since we learned of his departure, no information has been released more about him. In fact, followers of the reality show highlighted that Ángel was practically not mentioned in the last gala on Thursday. Until now. ‘No way that we were’ has brought to light new details about the return of Ana Herminia’s boyfriend. Specifically, it has revealed everything that Christ did on his flight back from Honduras.


It was María Patiño, presenter of this new space on ‘Canal Quickie’, who began to dictate several headlines about this journey. The information came from a person who was traveling on the plane with Sofía Cristo’s brother last morning and who wanted to make known what he saw. What she did? Did you call someone? What she ate? We discovered it.

Everything Ángel Cristo Jr. did on the return flight from ‘Survivors 2024’

The trip between Honduras and Spain lasts several hours. A period of time in which Ángel Cristo Jr. He had time to do many things, as the source of ‘Ni que fueramos’ has said. The first headline that Patiño has offered about this flight has been the most shocking, since it implies illegal conduct. “He went to the bathroom several times and if you came in later, it smelled like tobacco“said the presenter.


During meal time, “ate cream of asparagus with gingerchicken supreme with pasta and ham and for dessert, mango passion pie.” A complete menu that surely tasted great after several weeks of hardship and hunger in the Cayos Cochinos. Such must have been his desire that “asked the flight attendants for several ounces of chocolate.

Once his stomach was full, Ángel wanted to entertain yourself by watching a movie. What was your choice? “The last ‘Hunger Games’ movie was seen twice,” María said. Furthermore, she “spoke very little with her companion. He was very serious and I didn’t see him laugh at any time,” Patiño concluded.

The future of Ángel Cristo Jr. on Telecinco after his expulsion from ‘Survivientes 2024’

The defiant and irreverent behavior of Ángel Cristo Jr., who has not hesitated to show his colors for the organization, has put his immediate future at ‘Telecinco’ at risk. Could you go to the set to do your interview like the rest of the contestants? Would he be banned forever? Nothing was known until today.

The person in charge of revealing it has been Joaquín Prat in ‘Let’s see’. It was not surprising to see the presenter talk about Ángel Cristo, since throughout this week he has not hesitated to give his opinion on his expulsion and on the performance of the program. This time it was after seeing the images of his arrival at the Madrid airport. “He arrives in the company of his colleagues from the production company.arrives with helmets so that they do not give him information from outside and this implies that he is going to sit down and give explanations,” Prat pointed out.


Thus, although they have not yet said anything, it seems clear that Christ will have the opportunity to talk about everything that has happened in the Cayos Cochinos. “These days I was doubting it, but now I am very clear that Yes we will see him on a set. I also think he has the right to explain himself. It is true that he has been expelled, we understand that expulsion, but he also has the right to explain himself, especially because he has been the real protagonist of this week,” commented Isabel Rábago. Still, we will have to wait a few more days to know the entire version of Ángel Cristo.

Ana Herminia makes an immovable decision after the expulsion of Ángel Cristo Jr.

But in addition to Ángel Cristo Jr. there has been another person who has made headlines: his partner, Ana Herminia. The ex-contestant’s girlfriend has not stopped defending him tooth and nail, even when he was expelled by the organization. “Let it be clear to everyone that Ángel, if he was not expelled, was going to pay to leave. He said it very clearly, the show had ended when the program began. I wanted to leave since I went to see him, because I couldn’t take it all anymore I was living and I regret having convinced him to stay. But he did it for his team Ángel,” he said on set.

Even so, he has had to control himself on many occasions so as not to spoil his partner’s strategy. But that will come to an end this Friday when she sits on ‘De Viernes!’ to tell her version of what this whole experience has been like.

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