What is your real relationship like?

What is your real relationship like?
What is your real relationship like?

Antonio Tejado It continues to occupy a good part of the media focus. Since he was arrested for being the alleged mastermind of the robbery at the home of his aunt, María del Monte (61 years old), the young man has not stopped attracting the interest of the press. This week even more so because both he and ‘El Ruso’ and the rest of those detained for the aforementioned crime were released on conditional release. The investigating judge of the case considers that there is no longer any danger of destruction or concealment of evidence.

Since I got out of jail, we have seen Antonio spend time with his partner Samara and his family, especially his mother and brother Chema. However, he is not the only brother that Antonio Tejado has. The program ‘And now Sonsoles’ has brought to light Juan Carlos, younger brother of the young man and the most unknown of all. One that has drawn attention, precisely, due to its absence.

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And since Tejado was arrested, Juan Carlos has not appeared even once at the entrances and exits of prison. Something that has made us wonder what their relationship is like. Get along? Do they have problems? When was the last time we saw him? We go over all the details.

The true relationship of Antonio and Juan Carlos Tejado

The aforementioned program traced the last images in public between the two brothers in May 2021. Specifically, it was at the funeral of Juan Carlos, their father. In the snapshots from that time it was possible to see how while Chema and Antonio were tucking her mother in and hugging her tightly, Juan Carlos He squeezed her hand but stayed away.

After this moment, He patted his brother twice on the back. and kept his distance again. During the funeral march, Juan Carlos walked next to his mother and wife and did not exchange glances with his brothers. Thus, these two brief interactions were the only two contacts between the brothers during the funeral. Some time later, in 2011, at Antonio’s wedding with Alba Muñoz Nor was any contact seen between the brothers.


This shows that The bond between them was not at its best. To find out the whole truth, the Sonsoles Ónega program spoke with the family environment. Apparently, Antonio and Juan Carlos have gotten along well all their lives, but the now accused has always had greater complicity with Chema. “He is a serious man and has always wanted to be away,” reports ‘Antena 3’ after speaking with Carlos García López. María del Monte’s nephew has also been asked, by various media, what this link was like, but he has remained unperturbed.

In this way, the distance that we can perceive would be due more to Juan Carlos’s lifestyle than to a family problem. After all, Tejado’s younger brother has lived very far from the media, studying business administration and management and working as a manager of area in a health technology company. His personal life is also very protected. It is known that he resides in Seville with his wife and that he enjoys playing the guitar, but there are no more details about it.

Is Antonio Tejado sending messages through his t-shirts after leaving prison?

The departure of Antonio Tejado has attracted a lot of attention. We all wanted to know more details about your thoughts on this whole situation. However, the young man remains silent and refuses to give statements on the matter. Of course, it could be that he was hiding some messages through his shirts.

The garment he wore when leaving prison had a label that caught the attention of the press. This is a quote in English from the American artist Post Malone, which he used to name the concerts on his tour last year. “If you all weren’t here, I’d be crying,” It would be the translation. Perhaps a nod to the great attention it’s receiving?

On a second t-shirt that he has worn you can read the word “mafia”, something very notable since it could refer to some group of people or perhaps he simply wanted to insinuate that the people who harass him after this whole situation came to light they are.

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