Who was Gabriel Gómez, brother of the King of Spite, and how did he die?

Who was Gabriel Gómez, brother of the King of Spite, and how did he die?
Who was Gabriel Gómez, brother of the King of Spite, and how did he die?

Gabriel Gómez Zapata was known by many as one of the members of the self-proclaimed Gómez Zapata family dynasty, a group of exponents of popular music headed by himself. King of Spite, Darío Gómez. Gabriel’s sudden death surprised many fans of the genre, especially due to the circumstances in which he lived his last moments.

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Gabriel de Jesús Gómez Zapata, known in the music industry as Gabriel Gómez, the June 1, 1964 in San JerónimoAntioch.

In an interview with Telemedellín, the countryman said that He had a passion for music since he was a child.where with flagship themes of the December tradition such as The Sabanero burrito, The one with the blue backpack and Mom, where are the toys?conquered the hearts of the people of the different towns of his native department.

He boasted about a particular talent, which consisted of making music with a simple hair comb. With this, he managed to emulate the sounds of different instruments.

He combined his peasant trades with the composition of emotional songs that were performed not only by his brother. Dario Gomez, but also by other important exponents such as Rodolfo Aicardi
and The combo of the stars.

Nelson Gómez assured that his brother Gabriel Gómez was the author of hits like Lost Youth, Brave Heart, Difficult Woman and Disposable love.

The singer-songwriter’s story ended suddenly on December 16, 2023when he collapsed in the middle of a presentation in the municipality of Barbosa, Antioquia. At the time of his death, Gabriel Gómez was singing Nobody is eternal in the world, the song that catapulted his brother Darío, also deceased, to stardom.

After his death, his son, Julián David Gómez, highlighted that Gabriel was a happy, kind, counselor man, although he also had his grumpy moments.. For him, his father went away doing what he loved most.

“He is already in the heavenly choir of the almighty father, May God have him in his eternal glory and may he rest in peace with my brother Darío Gómez, my sister Elba, Ángela, Heriberto, my mother and my father, who are already there in heaven waiting for us,” the brother of the deceased singer expressed on social networks.

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