This famous couple remarries 17 years after signing the divorce

In recent months we have been very aware of the health status of more than one famous face, but it especially attracted the attention of the media. Julian Muñoz. A few weeks ago, the former mayor of Marbella confessed that he suffers from a “galloping cancer” which keeps him isolated in his house with his family.

Mayte Zaldívar in ‘On Friday!’

Telecinco Capture

Since Julián’s delicate state of health came to light, we have been able to see how Mayte Zaldivar He has not been separated from him for a single minute. Many were struck by the close attitude of the former couple, since when the former mayor of Marbella began her relationship with Isabel Pantojahe and the mother of his daughters did not end in the best way.

José Antonio León confirmed the news in ‘On Friday!’

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However, it is also true that in her latest television appearances, Mayte has made it clear that she will not separate from Julián at this time. What seemed like the beginning of a beautiful friendship has ended up being something more, as she said this Friday José Antonio León.

The collaborator of ‘Friday!’exclusively told that Mayte and the former politician would have remarried, 17 years after signing the divorce papers. This Friday, José Antonio showed a piece of paper and proceeded to explain to the audience what the document was. “Civil registry of Malaga, marriage certificate. On January 30, 2024, at 10:00 a.m. at a notary in MarbellaZaldívar and Julián Muñoz get married,” the journalist ended by saying to the disbelief of those present.

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