The tender photos of Rodrigo de Paul with his children on his birthday and an emotional message: “The 30s have arrived.”

The tender photos of Rodrigo de Paul with his children on his birthday and an emotional message: “The 30s have arrived.”
The tender photos of Rodrigo de Paul with his children on his birthday and an emotional message: “The 30s have arrived.”

Rodrigo de Paul shared photos with his children when he turned 30 (Photo: Instagram)

It is a very special date for Rodrigo de Paul with the arrival of his 30 years. The Argentine National Team soccer player received a visit from his children to share his day. It was the player himself who shared his feelings about his birthday and being surrounded by his two loves, his children. Francesca and Baptist.

“The 30s have arrived, here I embrace you to continue experimenting and saving moments that make me who I am“wrote the ex-boyfriend of Tini Stoessel. “Thank you to everyone who remembered a day that is always special. I am one of those people who will always tryeven though it hurts me and it costs me more and more,” he wrote, sensitized.

The photos of Rodrigo de Paul with his children on his 30th birthday (Photo: Instagram)

The midfielder shared sweet postcards with his almost 13 million Instagram followers in which he appears with his children. In one photo the three of them appear from behind, walking together; In another, he is seen playing with her daughter, painstakingly painting her nails with turquoise polish; while with his youngest child he is seen posing, smiling, both dressed in green sports clothes and caps.

The tender photo of Rodrigo de Paul painting his daughter Francesca’s nails (Photo: Instagram)

In the same post he reviews other milestones of his career: wearing the shirt of our country and wearing the colors of the Spanish team for which he has played since 2021. De Paul was also moved by a post he received for his birthday. “Do you say that that boy dressed in Racing with a cup and a ball in the Cylinder imagines everything that is coming to him? Do they say that he knows that he almost left football because of the death of his grandfather at age 14? And that he is going to debut in the club he loves and play in Europe? “They wrote from an account called Plaaneta.Gol, which he replied.

Rodrigo de Paul’s emotion when he saw the memory photo of when he played in Racing in his childhood (Photo: Instagram Stories)

“Do you know that Atlético de Madrid is going to pay 40 million for his transfer? Do they say that in some remote dream on his mattress in a square in the Sarandi neighborhood he dreamed that he would be world champion playing all seven games? Not even in the most fantasy science fiction movie does something like this happen. But it happened to him, because it’s not a movie, it was real. Happy 30th, Rodrigo; tireless follower of meaningless dreams”, they dedicated to him. Words that moved the player. “I’ll answer it! I didn’t think any of that could happen! I just had a certainty that he was always going to try,” he said.

Rodrigo de Paul posing with his son Bautista (Photo: Instagram)

A few days ago Paula Varela in Show Partners He referred to rumors of a relationship with Tini, but the journalist denied them and assured that the soccer player was in a relationship with another woman. “That Tini and De Paul are not together, they already confirmed that to me,” she said, in the El Trece cycle. “Yes, he is already with someone. I don’t know if he’s going to whiten it. She is Spanish, they are hooked”, he asserted.

Rodrigo de Paul with the Argentine National Team shirt (Photo: Instagram)

The panelist even speculated with the possibility that she knows the identity of who would be De Paul’s partner during the Copa América 2024, where the national team will be debuting on June 20 in a match against Canada. “Now, when it’s the Copa América, maybe… There are already some tickets that have been issued for part of the family and maybe there we can start to see the face and whiten it,” she said, about the romance she would be experiencing.

Together with his children, Rodrigo de Paul celebrated his arrival at 30 years old (Photo: Instagram)

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