An estelada sneaks into Jennifer Lopez’s new movie on Netlix

The new Netflix series, “Atlas”, starring Jennifer López, has generated great expectation among viewers.

His latest project promises to be no exception, quickly positioning itself as one of the most viewed productions on the platform. In one of the scenes, the most observant viewers have noticed the appearance of an estelada and references to the Catalan language, a detail that has caused a stir on social networks.

Hector Farres

While the singer and actress from the Bronx continues to make headlines for her romantic relationship with Ben Affleck, who is going through difficult times, ‘JLo’ continues her streak of professional success.

“Atlas” is a futuristic science fiction film full of action and special effects that has captured the attention of the public. However, it is not only the effects and the plot that have given us something to talk about.

During a scene set in the year 2071, López’s character is on a spaceship selecting a language on a futuristic screen. Among the language options such as “Deutsch, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, English, Français, Svenska, Bajan, Hausa”, you can see “Catalan”.

This nod to the Catalan language has been especially commented on in Spain, where it has generated various reactions.

Reactions of all kinds on social networks

The inclusion of Estelada and Catalan in “Atlas” has been interpreted by some as a recognition of cultural and linguistic diversity. Others, however, have pointed out that this is a curious and possibly controversial detail, given the political context in Spain.

Whatever the interpretation, the truth is that this detail has not gone unnoticed and has added an additional layer of interest to the film.

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