How the story between Victoria Vannucci and Matías Garfunkel began

How the story between Victoria Vannucci and Matías Garfunkel began
How the story between Victoria Vannucci and Matías Garfunkel began

Victoria Vannucci and Matias Garfunkel, a couple that was once synonymous with luxury and eccentricity, have gone through a rollercoaster of events that culminated in a highly publicized and controversy-filled separation. Their story, which began with a chance meeting on Fifth Avenue in New York in 2010, has been transformed into a drama with soap opera overtones.

Vannucci, who had just separated from former soccer player Cristian Fabbiani, met Garfunkel in New York and the crush was instantaneous. They began to share a life full of luxuries, controversial hunting safaris and high-voltage social gatherings. They married in a religious ceremony in Buenos Aires in 2012, with Victoria adopting the name Myriam after converting to Judaism. Two years later, they formalized their union in the Civil Registry.

During those years, the couple enjoyed a privileged life. “I have a fairly privileged life. I have maids and nannies who take turns every week,” said Vannucci, who proudly showed off his dressing room with 300 pairs of shoes in magazines.

However, the couple’s public image began to deteriorate in 2016 when a photo of them posing next to a dead lion during a hunting safari in Africa was leaked. This fact caused a wave of indignation. At the same time, Garfunkel and his partner Sergio Szpolski dismantled the Veintitrés newspaper group, leaving many employees without receiving their salaries for months.

The decline continued when they moved to Miami, leading a life of luxury and eccentricity. Erotic photos of the couple began to circulate, posted by an anonymous Twitter account. Vannucci, in an interview, admitted that they participated in orgies with celebrities in Europe, describing events in castles with a sexual freedom that captured the attention of many.

The move to the United States was not easy for Vannucci, who began to suffer from depression and panic attacks. He tried to find solace in his garden and at a vegan restaurant in Los Angeles called Pachamama, but the marriage was already fractured. In 2019, she began separation proceedings. During the trial, both admitted not owning property, and Garfunkel was broke.

The court battle for custody of their children, Indiana and Napoleon, ages 11 and 9, was intense. During the dispute, Vannucci was detained and taken away from her children for a week, but she eventually gained custody. Meanwhile, Garfunkel, unable to rearm himself financially, was left in a precarious situation. Vannucci became his financial support, sending him a thousand dollars a month for his survival and medication.

Victoria Vannucci currently lives with her children in Utah, while Garfunkel, who suffers from bipolar disorder, has settled into a mobile home at the back of their property. “All families can have problems, but I was educated that if there is a person on the floor, I don’t hit them and I help them get up,” Vannucci said in an interview with Afternoon (America).

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