Juana Viale’s surprise when she wore a very special Gino Bogani dress

Juana Viale’s surprise when she wore a very special Gino Bogani dress
Juana Viale’s surprise when she wore a very special Gino Bogani dress

Juana Viale and Gino Bogani in Lunch with Juana (Photo: El Trece)

Juana Viale Today she opened her program with a golden dress designed by Gino Bogani, a designer who has been accompanying her since the beginning of her programs. The host recounted each of the details and told the story of the clothing she wore.

“What a beautiful dress, creation of Mr. Bogani. I used this two years ago for the Martín Fierro family. We are looking forward to reliving a little everything created by Gino. It is a dress made of micro pallets, gold, all on the bias with a corsage irregular,” she said, while continuing to tell about her dress. “How beautiful the back, with the neckline that closes at the neck, as you can see, more and more closed. Very pretty. You can see my little things here, but Mr. Bogani sent very nice work for me,” he said, to mention the recognition he received.

Juana Viale wore the dress that Gino Bogani created (Photo: El Trece)

“We are going to congratulate him because he was named a contribution to the culture of the City of Buenos Aires,” she said, while the camera panned over the figure of Viale, she asked the production that was off camera: “How many years ? 53 years of contribution to culture. A little more, well, but the truth is that he has all the magic, all the creation and all the artist that Mr. Gino is,” she said.

“So more than deserved. He is a genius. The truth is that He is an artist, he is not a person who makes clothes, makes stimuli, makes sense.. Look how pretty it is, huh? Very nice, very well-deserved recognition,” he continued, at which point he asked the great designer to appear on the floor to greet him, something he did not want because, he claimed, he was not dressed to appear on camera. In the end, the cheerleader could do more and they ended up melting into a hug.

Let us remember that this week was gratifying for Bogani for having received the distinction from the legislative body that recognized him for his extensive and prolific career. Gino was accompanied by dear friends such as “his sister of life” Graciela Borges, and great models who paraded for him, such as Mora Furtado, Mariana Arias, Andrea Frigerio and even the lunch host herself, Juana Viale.

Gino Bogani receiving greetings from his friends in the Buenos Aires Legislature, where he was recognized for being part of the culture of our country (Photo: Nicolas Stulberg)

Juana Viale accompanying Gino Bogani in the Buenos Aires Legislature (Photo: Nicolas Stulberg)

But we must also remember that the haute couture creator suffered a million-dollar robbery in his home and workshop located in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Recoleta, where three armed criminals surprised him during the early hours of the morning. This happened on May 6, but it was only known on Tuesday of last week.

According to police sources, the thieves entered the house located at 1000 Rodríguez Peña dressed in black, with their faces covered and gloves. They entered the home and also the workshop and took high-end watches (Bulgari, Rolex and Cartier), jewelry, 5,000 euros, 8,000 dollars and $400,000.

As soon as the thieves escaped, Gino Bogani called the police station to file a report at Neighborhood Police Station 2B. “One of the employees called 911. The investigations revealed that they entered with a key from the workshop and from there they went to the house,” said specialists who are carrying out the investigation of the robbery.

The couturier refused to make statements to the press, no media could obtain Bogani’s word, except when he was questioned by a journalist who told him as soon as he agreed to ask him a question on the night where he was culturally recognized: “They were two terrible hours, “Asked the notary and at that moment Bogani could not control his anger: “No, they were fun, what are you asking me?” He responded ironically. “I know you do it with good intentions, but leave me alone, please. You are doing your job, and I understand it, but that’s it,” he said.

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