How much he grew: this is Eloy, the teenage son of Brenda Gandini and Gonzalo Heredia

In 2010, Brenda Gandini and Gonzalo Heredia decided to bet on love and to this day they remain united. A few months after the romance began, the first child of the marriage came into the life of the artist and her husband: Eloy, who was born in August 2011. Years later, in 2017, the heartthrob and his wife welcomed him. his second daughter, Alfonsina.

The couple formed a beautiful family.
On a family vacation.

Although, both Brenda Gandini Since her partner is quite reserved with her intimate life and keeps a low profile, it is common for the actress and Gonzalo Heredia to post photos of their children, their family walks and vacations, among other personal situations. Unlike his sister Alfonsina who is very uninhibited and likes to pose for the cameras, Eloy is more reserved and shy.

Eloy is the eldest son of Brenda Gandini.
The actress’s son had pure enjoyment on the beach, years ago.
Father and son are very close friends.

On her Instagram account, where more than 890 thousand users follow her, Brenda Gandini He usually dedicates tender messages to his children. On one occasion, Daniela Cardone’s daughter wrote: “With these two, to infinity and beyond forever. I want to hug them, kiss them and squeeze them, but the older one is already asking me for space and the little one is already starting to negotiate her kisses.” Recently, the artist shared a photo of Eloy and surprised all of her followers by showing how big she is. The teenager, who will soon turn 13, has his mother’s light eyes with some physical features, but he also has a great resemblance to Gonzalo Heredia.

Brenda with her children.
The artist usually shares images of the little ones on her networks.
That’s how big Eloy is.

Brenda Gandini talked about her relationship with Gonzalo Heredia

Last month, Brenda Gandini She visited Mirtha Legrand’s program and talked about her bond with Gonzalo Heredia, with whom she has been together for more than a decade. The actress confessed: “I was jealous but not anymore. My husband continues to arouse great love among women, but he is charming. I continue working as a couple every day, we have ‘every day’ written on our rings, because that’s how we have to work.”

The artist continued: “With our ups and downs, because it is inevitable that they happen, but also for me the important thing is to grow at the same time. We continue to choose each other every day, we get along very well, we argue like all couples because one cannot expect everything to be wonderful.” And she closed: “That’s how families are, there are good moments, there are bad moments, in which one is more connected or not. If there is something that I admire about our relationship, it is the freedom, but in a good way, to accompany the other in his projects, in his career, in whatever he wants to do.”

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