“It’s just one of the tests” – Publimetro Chile

“It’s just one of the tests” – Publimetro Chile
“It’s just one of the tests” – Publimetro Chile

The singer Carolina Molina, better known as ‘La Rancherita’, surprised her followers by sharing on her social networks a video showing her ex-partner attacking her car in the underground parking lot of the Mall Plaza Norte in Huechuraba.

“In case anyone had any doubts, here is the “honorable producer” breaking my car in the Mall Plaza Norte. At the end of the video you can see the time, day and year,” he wrote in the description.

In the images, you can see how the man hits the artist’s yellow Chevrolet Camaro, in addition to leaving a paper with insults and threats. Carolina Molina did not hesitate to share the video to demonstrate the constant harassment that she has been suffering.

Denies accusations

The artist assures that this attack is just one of the proofs of the harassment and persecution that she has experienced at the hands of her ex-partner. Likewise, she denied the accusations that she owes him money and she reported having been a victim of physical, verbal and psychological attacks by the subject.

“This is just one of the evidence that has not yet been shown of all the harassment and persecution. Because I am going to clarify each of her lies to defame me, such as, for example, that I owe her money, because that is absolutely false,” said the singer.

Carolina Molina, who has put the case in the hands of justice, opened up about the difficult situation she has faced and highlighted the importance of making these acts of violence against women visible. The singer hopes that her testimony can help other women who find themselves in similar situations to report and seek help.

“Unfortunately, I had to resort to this public tool, because how many women are experiencing the same thing? This time I had to do it. “It’s not just the attacks on my car, it’s the things he did the day I broke up with him due to attacks, physical hits, verbal attacks, psychological attacks,” Carolina Molina stated on her Instagram.

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