Yanina Latorre liquidated Sabrina Rojas for the intimate nickname with which she refers to Luciano Castro

Yanina Latorre liquidated Sabrina Rojas for the intimate nickname with which she refers to Luciano Castro
Yanina Latorre liquidated Sabrina Rojas for the intimate nickname with which she refers to Luciano Castro

The panelist became enraged by a comment the model made and decided to respond to her without a filter.

Yanina Latorre killed Sabrina Rojas for “marking territory” when she talks about Luciano Castro. (Photo: Captura América / Instagram Rojasasi)

The courtship of Luciano Castro and Griselda Siciliani became one of the main themes of entertainment programs. One of the figures who gave his opinion on this romance was Sabrina Rojasex-partner of the actor, who had no problem referring to the new love story of “El Gordo” -as he has been affectionately saying for years-.

The way the model talks about her ex-partner was questioned when passing by Yanina Latorre, who was surprised by Rojas’ insistence on referring to Castro with an affectionate nickname. Annoyed by the panelist’s assessment, Sabrina went out to the intersection.

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I want to clarify to Yani that I do not call him ‘El Gordo’ in my privacy. It’s not that I told him again how he told him in private, no one knows how he told him in private.. ‘El Gordo’ we all call him. If you run into Paula Chaves, she’s going to ask you: ‘How’s the fat guy?’, clarified the mother of the actor’s children on the air It happened in America.

Sabrina Rojas and Luciano Castro have two children in common: Esperanza and Fausto. (Photo: Instagram/rojassasi – castrolucianoook)

Faced with this accusation, Latorre became furious this Monday on the air of LAM (America) and he responded with everything to his channel partner.

Yanina Latorre’s harsh response to Sabrina Rojas after a controversy over Luciano Castro

With her usual verbosity, Yanina Latorre eliminated Sabrina Rojas live. “When I talked about intimacy, I didn’t talk about what they did in bed, daddy. Intimacy is everything. For me, Luciano Castro is Luciano; ‘El Gordo’ you call him. I haven’t heard anyone else say it like that. I believe that you are there all the time marking ground“, the journalist began by saying.

Then, he explained why the model’s words bothered him so much: “I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about me. I never said you were lying, I never criticized you and I always defended you. Everyone says you’re toxic, but I say no; Everyone says you helped sever Castro’s ties with Flor Vigna, and I say no. Because I believe you, you are the kid’s mother.”

Yanina Latorre responded without a filter to Sabrina Rojas. (Photo: Instagram / yanilatorre)

“If you want to fight, have someone pick you up or put this disclaimer in your fart program, take it. Welcome! It’s been a week since heThe only thing they do is pass on reports about Luciano Castro and you ‘go big, big, big…’. Tell him Luciano! You suck my balls and whatever you call it, but the truth is that I always defend you. You are quite unfair. You chose the least suitable one to fight with. Tomorrow I finish you”, he concluded.

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