Sebastián Yatra shows off surfing on the beaches of Miraflores after a concert in Lima [VIDEO]

Sebastián Yatra shines surfing on the beaches of Miraflores. | Source: Instagram (sebastianyatra)

Sebastián Yatra spent a pleasant moment enjoying the Lima landscapes after giving his concert at the Lima Music Fest 2024 last Saturday. The Colombian singer was seen surfing on the beaches of Miraflores and sharing one of his favorite hobbies with his followers.

Through his official Instagram account, the ‘Tacones Rojos’ singer shared photographs and videos where he is seen with a surfboard along with other athletes. In another snapshot, the Latin Grammy winner appeared lying on the shore making his body float in the sea.

Likewise, in a 15-second video, the 29-year-old composer is seen taking a wave with his board and standing on top of it until he finds a balance to surf. One last photo shows yatra sitting with his bare torso facing to the side while resting.

“Peru! How happy it makes me to return and have sung with you in the stadium, but I better leave you some photos surfing in Miraflores. Proof that I managed to stop,” the musician wrote in a post this Monday, May 27.

Sebastián Yatra showed his happiness at visiting the beaches of the Peruvian capital.Source: Instagram (sebastianyatra)

Fans excited to see Sebastián Yatra surfing in Lima

Sebastián Yatra has thousands of followers in Latin America—and in Peru—who have followed his career since its beginnings in Colombia. Several of them are attentive to the singer’s activities, not the exception being his latest adventure in Miraflores.

“Is there any sport you can’t do? You’re a genius”, “You surprise us more and more. Your skills are innumerable”, “Wonderful photos and video”, “How cool that you even know how to surf”, “From water say hello to holy water in my beloved Miraflores”, were some of the comments in the post that already has more than 142 thousand reactions.

Sebastián Yatra confirmed his reconciliation with Aitana with a new song. | Source: Instagram (@aitanax)

Sebastián Yatra confirmed his reconciliation with Aitana

Sebastián Yatra confirmed his reconciliation with Aitana after several speculations in the international media. In the midst of promoting Akureyri, a song he composed with the Spanish artist, the singer clarified what this collaboration really means.

“The song is beautiful, isn’t it? (…) When such a beautiful song comes out, what do you do? The truth is that it has been one of the most beautiful experiences I have had writing a song. It has been something truly magical,” Yatra explained to Europe Press.

“How nice that time has given you the possibility of reconciling them! How are you at the moment? Happy? was the question they asked the singer. “Man, happy, of course,” replied Sebastián Yatra with a smile on his face. the face.

In 2022, rumors began about a possible romance between Aitana and Sebastián Yatra, which was later confirmed by a series of photos published by ¡Hola! magazine.

After several months of appearing together, the composer confirmed that he no longer had a relationship with the Spanish woman. However, in recent weeks, both were seen together in Madrid fueling a reconciliation that was ratified by Yatra himself.

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