Pampita revealed a super private secret about her intimacy with Roberto Mortián: “I scream a lot when…”

Monday, May 27, 2024


Roberto García Mortián and Pampita They are one of the most consolidated couples that get along best in the world of entertainment. Her love was sealed by fire with the arrival of her daughter Ana, who today is happy with her parents.

The couple’s intimacy is very good and Roberto believes that having only one child is fine for them. Remembering that Carolina Ardohain already has others from Benjamin Vicuña and the same as the businessman from his previous marriage, that generates a difference between them.

The model would like to expand her family but at 45 years old she knows that it is impossible because he no longer has the desire. But now it made news because Pampita She confessed what her most “hysterical” moment of the day is, and that it makes her furious.

Being water and oil with Moritan, there are several differences they have. She first told what her favorite time is and when she best spends it in her home, which is when she can receive multiple guests to organize a gathering.

“When my house is most full of people, that’s when I am happiest. My family, my friends, my children… I love that my house is the place where everyone is and wants to return,” the host explained about the day every day in your home.

Being honest that not everything is rosy, he told what his most dramatic moment of the day is. When night and bedtime arrive, she confessed why he raises his voice so much and what she does to disrupt his family.

“I scream a lot at night, when they don’t go to sleep. That’s when I start screaming, screaming, screaming…That’s my hysterical moment of the day,” he said. Pampita. In this way, the media confessed that she also has her days of fury.

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