Jesica Cirio’s word after her wedding: why she believed in love again and how her relationship with Martín Insaurralde turned out

Jesica Cirio’s word after her wedding: why she believed in love again and how her relationship with Martín Insaurralde turned out
Jesica Cirio’s word after her wedding: why she believed in love again and how her relationship with Martín Insaurralde turned out

The word of Jesica Cirio after her wedding with Elías Piccirillo (Video: Intruders, America)

This Sunday, Jesica Cirio said “Yes” and married Elías Piccirillo civilly after a year of dating. After the celebrations, the model and host revealed details about the wedding and spoke about her relationship with her ex-husband Martin Insaurraldefather of her daughter Chloe, although he avoided elaborating on some questions from the panelists. “I wanted to talk to you because I love Flor (De La V),” she expressed in dialogue with Intruders (America).

“The truth is that the wedding was going to take place in April and I had the dress from that moment, so it looked like this. It was the dress that we had chosen for the Civil and for the ceremony because I really liked it and it had the detail on the side of the butterfly that symbolizes our love and I didn’t want to change it. I added the cover-up and, as soon as the ceremony was over, I wrapped myself up and that’s it…” said the model and host about choosing the garment for the occasion.

Regarding how love was born between the couple, Cirio described: “From the day I met him we had a lot of connection. It was May 26 of last year and, from then on, we never separated: We saw each other every day. Nobody introduced us. I met him when I went to an event in Cataratas and when I arrived I saw that he was with a lot of people and he greeted me in the most normal way. We stayed talking about one thing and another at a cocktail before the event. I looked at him, I thought he was cute and then we stayed in touch all week, but intensely. I found a person who is very similar to me, very accomplished in his work, super intelligent, very sweet, a good companion and very supportive, and I think it was very important at that moment because I leaned on him a lot, beyond the fact that I fell madly in love, there was a lot of connection between the two”.

And continued: “Shortly after we were together, he looked at me and said: ‘I’m not here to play, do you want something serious? Anything else?’. Because if we’re going to be doing anything, I’d rather not.’ It’s like I stayed… it’s hard to answer because when you just meet someone, you don’t know if it’s going to work out or not, then. I said, ‘Let’s try it.’. He didn’t want to play, he told me that he wanted to be with me and he wanted to really get to know me and let’s try to make it something nice. After months we realized that we were perfect for each otherin the good sense of wanting to share our time, to project and plan whatever.”

“From the day I met him we had a lot of connection. It was May 26 of last year and from then on we never separated,” said Jesica Cirio (Photo/Nicolas Stulberg)

“What happened when your daughter met him?” Florencia de la V wanted to know. “I introduced him to Chloé in September. She had already seen him a few times, but I told her that she was my partner and she was happy. From the first day she connected very quickly and did not get jealous, quite the opposite. He was very sweet to her. We started living together in October and we have lived together since that moment.”

“When did he propose to you?” they asked the model from the panel. “When he proposed it to me or we started talking about it, I thought it was something nice. What happened to us was very strong, from love, from trust. He wanted to get married and it seemed to me a way to seal our love and move forward with this family, which I hope continues to grow.“, answered.

About the meaning of the butterfly tattooCirio said: “In a moment of great distress an orange butterfly landed on me and the next day it landed again. I felt that it gave me strength to move forward and make decisions. The day my aunt died (in 2013), they gave me and my cousins ​​a butterfly symbol and told us that every time we needed her she would be there and a butterfly would land. Indeed, that happened to me. A few months ago, when we were walking with Eli, an orange butterfly crossed our path and the next day too, it was very strong. I told him the story and at the same time we decided to get the tattoo. We each made half a butterfly and infinity with our initials.”

Asked about her previous relationship with Martin InsaurraldeJesica said: “We We were separated a long time ago, but we made it public some time later. It was hard and I had a bad time, but at the same time I was enjoying this pure and healthy relationship. He accompanied me throughout this process that ended up becoming something very nice because after it rained, it stopped and the sun came out.”

Jesica Cirio and Elías Piccirillo got married in an intimate wedding at the Duhau Palace: “This is a life project” (Photo: Nicolás Stulberg)

Did Martín Insaurralde scam you?”, Karina Iavícoli insisted. “The reality is that he is Chloé’s father and I am not going to say something like that, I think it is part of the process of a relationship and things do not always go well. I suffered a lot and it hurt, but over time everything falls into place and today life rewarded me again, and then I look at what happens to me today,” Cirio said.

“What is your relationship with your daughter’s father?” the journalists from the América program tried to find out. “It doesn’t matter, it’s part of a natural process, everything is cordial. The whole exhibition was very hard for me. Although I have been used to working on TV since I was 11, I had never experienced something like this and it was too strong, so I went inside and locked myself in with my partner and my daughter.and I do it to this day because I don’t give notes and I don’t do events. I want to protect myself and be calm. The time I have today I want to give to my daughter. What corresponds to me as a mother is to protect her and try to give her the best. I had a bad time, it was horrible…” she was honest.

“What do you think about the criticisms of Elías’s past?” asked Guido Záffora. “The truth is that I don’t see… and I made the decision to get away from the environment. There are things that we keep to ourselves and I try not to get involved. He has a card and is a businessman. “He works a lot and he is a beautiful person,” concluded the former host of La Peña de Morfi.

“What is the relationship like with Martín Insaurralde’s children?” asked another of the journalists, saying that they were present at the recent wedding. “They are excellent brothers, they are very healthy boys and very good people. They love her sister and dedicate a lot of time to her.. They get together every week to do homework with her, they love her, they pamper her, I think that’s beautiful and it makes me very happy that it continues to be that way,” said Jesica, who, in response to the new question about whether there was an apology request of the former mayor of Lomas de Zamora, stated: “It doesn’t matter, it’s over and that’s it. I don’t know if he apologized or not, I’m going to keep it to myself.”.

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