Sergio Galliani claimed a tip was collected without his authorization in a restaurant: “They gave me 10%”

Sergio Galliani claimed a tip was collected without his authorization in a restaurant: “They gave me 10%”
Sergio Galliani claimed a tip was collected without his authorization in a restaurant: “They gave me 10%”

The Peruvian actor used his social networks to show the receipt that had an amount that he did not recognize as part of the products and services he had consumed.

Sergio Galliani He has been away from television since he left aside his character of Miguel Ignacio de las Casas in ‘At the bottom there is room’. However, he has become quite active on social networks, where he shares various topics from his personal life or his daily life.

Thus, recently, Galliani He spoke through a video on his Instagram account, where he seemed surprised by a charge that he had never seen on his payment slip. The actor enjoyed lunch at a well-known chicken shop of which he claims to be a recurring consumer, but he noticed something strange.

In his explanation, he mentioned that it seemed strange to him that the waitress who served them did not ask him if they wanted to leave him a tip for his service. He related that he always usually leaves some extra amount, so this absence caught his attention.

When he finished paying, he took the bill and noticed some charges different from what he thought they would be. “I’ll tell you something that caught my attention, I went to a restaurant in Miraflores, I went to lunch, but when they gave me the bill, it first caught my attention that the lady who served me did not ask me for a tip. “I started to check the receipt because it seemed very strange to me, and here I see the total payment.”he commented at the beginning.

After that, it was questioned that there were two charges of the 10% and that one of those bears the name of service, so he almost immediately associated it with the tip. In his eagerness to seek an explanation, he continued to be firm in mentioning that the waiters’ tip would already be included and that is why no one asks for it when paying the bill. Despite this, he seemed a little indignant.

“First VAT 10%, isn’t it 18? Here comes the 10% service that costs 4.48 soles. My other question is, service 10% that means the tip. So, can they ask you to tip 10% of the bill like this? Because the waiters always ask you if you are going to leave a tip, but here they are giving you 10%, so fixed from the start. It seems strange to me that they impose a 10% tip for service,” she expressed in his video.

Sergio Galliani claims a 10% service charge on his account.

After the video went viral and more than one mentioned that the artist had gotten upset with the place, Sergio Galliani He came forward again and mentioned that the only thing he did was look for answers from his followers because he did not understand that 10% charge.

He mentioned that he never got upset, but was just explaining how he understood it and hoping to find out if he was right or not. “What I did was a video to clarify certain things, because I didn’t understand. But these gentlemen have unfortunately stated that… I got angry, I complained, because they were charging me a tip, without having told me, which I don’t know about here, on the invoice, on the receipt, etc.! And I have to do this, because they are distorting absolutely everything,” she added.

Finally, he stressed that he has nothing against the restaurant union and that a situation like this will not stop him from visiting his favorite places. “I have friends who own restaurants, they are very good friends. And I have not gone against the restaurants, because also those restaurants that I go to, I always go,” she concluded.

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