Gabriela Guillén explodes against Bertín Osborne: “There are things more important than money”

Gabriela Guillén explodes against Bertín Osborne: “There are things more important than money”
Gabriela Guillén explodes against Bertín Osborne: “There are things more important than money”

Months of silence ended like so many others: with few words, in a conciliatory tone and with calm as a false curtain for a work that was only in the intermission. Bertin Osborne He spoke for the first time about his fatherhood with Gabriela Guillén to respond to her assertions, which insisted on the no financial support from the singer and in everything she was willing to do to raise her little one, whose name is still a mystery.

“Everything is as it should be and it will turn out as it should, here no one has anything against anyone. Of course I will help financially, when the time comes I will be there if I have to be”, said Osborne, referring to the fulfillment of his responsibility as long as the paternity test proves that he is the true parent. Now the Paraguayan model has replicated the statements of her former partner firmly and indignantly, bordering on disbelief and visibly upset for doubts about an issue that she considers clear.

“It’s about time, isn’t it?”

At first she was elusive, but the name ‘El Turronero’, a mutual friend of both, caused the jump. “I already told you once, that is, don’t get Turronero involved. He is my friend and she is his friend. I’m not going to say anything”she said, annoyed, about the possible mediation of the businessman in an agreement with Osborne and in some words ‘hunted’ at street level that have been echoed Europa Press.

“I have always said it, you called me a liar. I know who the father of my child is. It still seems amazing to me.”he explained, making it clear that Pandora’s box had been opened and in response to what the television presenter said the day before, who went on to respond with a certain irony and notable anger: “Well, let’s see, my child is five months old. It’s about time, isn’t it?”

His conscience, he says, is clear; She will let the passing of the hours put everything in its place. “I know what I have said and I know what I have done. And she is already there. Time to time. Time to time”, has expressed clarifying that the conflict he now has with him is not for an economic reason. It goes much further: “Money, after all, is money. Look, I don’t give it the value that everyone else gives to money, you know? I believe that there are other things more important in life than money.”

After ensuring that he has started working to, as he said days before, raise his son, he settles the debate by confessing that he would like the singer to see the child and act like a father. “I don’t ask you for anything. He will know what he has to do at the time he has to do it. “I am not going to force anyone and I have not forced anyone.”he says, and then declares: “I know he is the father, I have told the truth.”

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