his new (and unexpected) bomb project after ‘Survivors’

his new (and unexpected) bomb project after ‘Survivors’
his new (and unexpected) bomb project after ‘Survivors’

J.orge Javier Vázquez (53 years old) is still on a roll. After the success of ‘Survivors’ (which is now facing its final stretch), the presenter went to ‘De Viernes!’ to raise his low audiences. An interview that certainly did not leave anyone indifferent. Without yet confirming whether he will be in charge of the ‘All Stars’ that will begin in the summer (although everything would point to yes because his voice is the one in the contest’s promos), the communicator has a new (and unexpected) bombshell project.

What is it about? What is this format that will revolutionize Telecinco again starting next season? Mediaset has confirmed that Jorge will be the one to take charge. of the main galas of the new anonymous edition of ‘Big Brother’, a reality show that will hit the network after the summer. The team of presenters for the new installment of the contest from the most famous house on television is completed with Ion Aramendi, who will lead the debates after having hosted the failed edition of ‘X Factor’.

A few minutes ago, Jorge assured on his social networks that news was about to be made public that was going to give a lot to talk about. “It’s something that makes me very excited and I hope it does to you too.“, said the presenter on his Instagram profile. It was Ion Aramendi himself who also made public on the 35th anniversary of Mediaset Vázquez’s return to the best-known coexistence reality show in the world.

To the event, held at the Cibeles Palace (specifically in the Crystal Gallery formed by a corridor with a transparent vault 30 meters high), almost all the faces of Mediaset and its workers have come to see some of the new season’s novelties, in addition to spending a pleasant evening that It has been enlivened with food, drinks and live music.

The truth is that after this great announcement by the audiovisual group it is made more than clear that Jorge Javier Vázquez continues to be one of the most important faces not only for the network but for television. And the presenter has demonstrated once again that audience data accompanies him wherever he goes (leaving behind ‘Cuentos Chinos’, which competed directly against ‘El Hormiguero’). “When I receive news about how I will be or if I will be depressed, it makes me laugh because it has only been two months since I have been on TV. I had been on TV for fifteen years almost daily at all hours,” the communicator told Lecturas magazine during his break. A much-needed moment of pause in which the audience has undoubtedly missed him greatly.

And no matter who it hurts, Jorge has risen little by little from his ashes. Not only has he fought against difficult moments, such as the death of Mila Ximénez, but he has also overcome a stroke, had to abruptly leave ‘Sálvame’ after 14 years at the helm of what was Telecinco’s flagship and has known how to continue when The network called him to take on a new challenge, until he finally returned to ‘Survivors’.

The return of ‘Big Brother’

After having received 77,817 registrations Through the reality website, the casting team will call the best candidates starting next Monday, June 3, to see them in the in-person tests in Madrid, Bilbao, Valencia, Barcelona, ​​Seville, Malaga, Palma de Mallorca and Las Palms of Gran Canaria. Without a doubt, a long process to choose those residents of the new house in Guadalix de la Sierra.

Mediaset’s most important reality show returns to Telecinco after 8 years of dark absence. The format disappeared from the television schedule (although its VIP and DÚO versions have been able to celebrate their new editions) after what happened with Carlota Prado, one of the last contestants of ‘Big Brother’. During its editing, the audience was able to witness one of the most terrifying moments in memory. In November 2017, the resident of Guadalix was a victim of sexual abuse by her then-partner, Jose María López, who was sentenced in 2023 to 15 months in prison and four years of estrangement and incommunication.

Furthermore, as ‘Vertele’ reported, the judge also ruled that the accused of sexual abuse will be paid within a maximum period of ten days.compensation of 6,000 euros, with Zeppelin being the subsidiary civil liability in the event that the convicted person could not make the payment. But not only that, The producer also had to pay 1,000 euros to Carlota for showing him the video of the abuse while he was inside ‘Big Brother’. Some creepy images in which the contestant repeats over and over again that she does not want to see them while the person in charge tells her that it is necessary.

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