Kate Middleton’s friends ignore the slogans and speak out about the condition of the Princess of Wales

Kate Middleton’s friends ignore the slogans and speak out about the condition of the Princess of Wales
Kate Middleton’s friends ignore the slogans and speak out about the condition of the Princess of Wales

Kate Middleton’s recovery continues to be the big topic in the United Kingdom. The true condition of the Princess of Wales worries despite the efforts of the Crown to give complete normality to the members of the Royal House. Prince William, unstoppable in his agenda, even went so far as to be absent from the palace one night in an attempt to make it clear that Middleton is feeling better and remains strong during his treatment. The princess, diagnosed with cancer after undergoing surgery, follows a process of preventive chemotherapy to prevent the cancer cells from reproducing again. It will not be until she finishes this treatment that she will be able to return to her routine.

If in recent days there were several media outlets that spoke about a possible return date for Kate Middleton, all placing it at the end of the year, now a closer version has come to light. Friends of the Princess of Wales, people close to her, have spoken with one of the greatest experts in the British Royal Family to communicate her opinions. “The friends I have spoken to in the last few days suggest we may not see Catherine again until the fall”, explained Richard Eden, from ‘The Daily Mail’. Middleton’s surroundings break the silence established from Kensington Palace.

The message from Kate Middleton’s friends

Eden has not only assured that the friends of the Princess of Wales are planning her return next autumn, but they have clarified that “only if he has then fully recovered”. Middleton’s situation is serious. Nobody can hide it. It is not that the treatment is not working, something that Casa Real denies, or that he will not be able to recover in time, but it is clear that it will not be soon. The Princess of Wales must finish chemotherapy and check that everything has gone as it should. In addition, it is a strong treatment that usually leaves consequences that are mitigated over time.

Kate Middleton’s friends have also explained to the aforementioned journalist that the princess’s entourage is postponing decisions that affect the day-to-day life of the Princes of Wales. This is the case of the appointment of an executive director to manage the house of the heir to the throne, they say. Until everything is in place, he will not move any pieces so as not to increase the pressure on the princess. Middleton already said it in the video in which she explained her situation: needs time, space and calm.

In recent days, voices have emerged that claim that the princess could undergo a new intervention soon. However, neither the British press nor the experts who follow the day-to-day life of the Royal House have confirmed anything in this regard. The silence about Kate Middleton’s true condition is firm and has only been broken by Prince William or Queen Camilla to affirm that Middleton is fine.

The complicated role of Prince William

“The correspondent of an important English newspaper tells me that heGuillermo’s head must be about to explode right now.”. Pilar Eyre revealed a very revealing conversation in the latest issue of Lecturas magazine. Prince William’s situation is more distressing than it seems. “Everything has come together to destabilize his life, to destroy the precarious balance that he had achieved after the terrible death of his mother, the confrontations with his father, the breakup with his brother and his dislike for Camila, a balance achieved thanks to the help of Kate, his rock, as he calls her.”

The prince’s head is abuzz right now. “The illness of his wife and father, raising his children at a very difficult age, the pressure for him to assume his duties and the prospect of becoming king sooner than expected plunge him into a terrible state of anguish,” Eyre explains in his column. Little by little, this whole situation he is going through should be resolved but the heir to the throne finds it complicated. There have been many gestures of sadness and pain that the prince has shown in his last appearances. Guillermo suffers and cannot even help it.

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