They claim that Luis Mateucci owes a millionaire amount to Daniela Aránguiz — Radio Corazón

Luis Mateucci and Daniela Aránguiz They looked like one of the most in love couples in show business. At least this is how they demonstrated it through social networks and during their time in Brave Landwhere they were seen more than together.

It is in this context that, to welcome 2024 and celebrate the Argentine’s passage to the final in the Channel 13 reality show, the lovebirds went on a romantic vacation tripneither more nor less than Brazil.

But everything collapsed after Luis Mateucci made the decision to lock himself up again, this time in Win or Serve?, where shortly after entering, he ended up with the panelist to continue flirting really well with Daniela Colett.

And during the last hours, the big one was left, after Pablo Candía revealed in Zona de Estrellas that apparently the little boy He would be quite indebted to Daniela Aránguiz, since he asked her for a millionaire sum borrowed.

What is Luis Mateucci’s debt to Daniela Aránguiz?

According to what they commented on the Zona Latina program, The idea of ​​traveling for the end of the year was Luis Mateucci’s idea, But since he was still on the reality show, his then-sweetheart was in charge of paying all the expenses.

«He tells him ‘I pay for everything, but since I’m locked up in the reality show, you take care of everything. You pay and then I’ll give you all the money back.’”. Along with adding that “the total of that debt would be six million pesos, but time passed and she would have begun to ask for half of the money back from Luis.”

Continuing along this line, the journalist mentioned: «It turns out that to this day she has not paid that debt and it would be the six million that Daniela put out of her pocket since it was an invitation and an idea from Luis Mateucci».

Finally, Candía revealed that despite the debt, Daniela Aránguiz lent him money again when they traveled to Argentina, so they added another million.

“Indeed, this man is a crook who abuses the women he is with and takes full advantage of them”they commented on the panel.

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