Queen Letizia impresses with her most architectural top for her night of monologues

The Queen Letizia He’s going out… or something like that. This afternoon he did not miss his annual appointment with the finale of scientific monologues “Just about science” (formerly known as Famelab), a contest that combines knowledge and humor with the best results. And as we anticipated, she has done the rest with respect to her last appearances. She has cheered up! And here we have a modern look in white and pink with which she is super favored, beautiful and stylish.

Queen Letizia, with an original look in white and pink.

Robert Smith.

This event has become one of the undisputed favorites of the sovereign, always trying to attend, whether alone or in the company of the King Philip. This time he has gone out alone. The Círculo de Bellas Artes of Madrid hosted the show, where we once again surprised Letizia in key ‘sporty’, but with an intentional chic twist.

His foot injury has completely conditioned all her outfits this last month. He has barely distanced himself from business suit and, of course, of the sneakers. At least he gave us a pleasant surprise by wearing some barefoot dancers to receive President Zelensky at the Royal Palace.

Ángel Cristo Jr. and Ana Herminia, through the streets of Madrid.Ángel Cristo Jr. and Ana Herminia, through the streets of Madrid.

Today we expected something along the same path, but no. Letizia has taken back her white sneakers Vivobarefoot (which he has worn in practically all his outings since he fractured the phalanx of his right foot). They must be very comfortable and therapeutic for his pain.

Letizia repeats her white Vivobarefoot sneakersLetizia repeats her white Vivobarefoot sneakers

Letizia repeats her white Vivobarefoot sneakers.

Robert Smith.

Note: Letizia keeps the sneakers pristine, very whitewithout a speck or scratch.

We also suspect that this shoe has marked the concept of the rest of the style. That is to say, she has started her look with her feet.

Letizia recovers an avant-garde top by Adolfo Domínguez that we see in full for the first time

And he was right. Because the Queen Letizia has hit the nail on the head by choosing one of its most original pieces released this year: a top made with wide two-tone crossed georgette crêpe panels, in white and pink.

Queen Letizia wearing Adolfo Domínguez topQueen Letizia wearing Adolfo Domínguez top

Queen Letizia wearing Adolfo Domínguez top.

Robert Smith.

It is a different design in your dressing room. An avant-garde piece by Adolfo Dominguez which premiered last March, for the inauguration of the ARCO fair in Madrid. Then we couldn’t see it fully, because Letizia didn’t take off her black coat.

The blouse has a crew neck and is sleeveless, which already allows the Queen to show off those sculptural arms and toned so famous We appreciate that you haven’t lost your shape.

Detail of the back of Queen Letizia's topDetail of the back of Queen Letizia's top

Detail of the back of Queen Letizia’s top.

Robert Smith.

Faced with a similar model, which monopolizes all the limelight, the rest of the styling should only accompany it without clouding it. And that is precisely what Letizia has done. Some straight, long and fluid pants in a very pale pink, almost white, they are the answer and are perfect for this purpose.

The Queen’s silhouette continues to flow, without tight patterns or constrictions…

Queen Letizia, with an original lattice bagQueen Letizia, with an original lattice bag

Queen Letizia, with an original lattice bag by Massimo Dutti.

Robert Smith.

On the other hand, we find another interesting element in this look. He bag. Doña Letizia has released a white leather design with trellis and gold chain handle with gold metal circle details. Of Massimo Dutti.

Very original in line with a late night date… and some partying.

In fact, his make-up It was in tune, continuing its line through the range of earth colors, but with more accentuated and smoky eyes. Letizia has become more conservative in this regard. Or she simply doesn’t want to complicate her life.

Letizia now prefers simpler (and few) decorations

We only have the decorations left to complete the review. In this case, Letizia has opted for some medium gold hoop earrings. We saw them for the first time in the final of the Queen’s Cup in Zaragoza and they are a creation of the brand Maña. Jewelry Cult Store.

Sofia ChristSofia Christ

Neither much nor little. The right thing to do, we insist, is to focus the focus on the blouse. That she deserves it…

Of course, we also glimpse the ring of Coreterno In his hand. Don’t miss it.

Queen Letizia, with gold hoop earringsQueen Letizia, with gold hoop earrings

Queen Letizia, wearing gold hoop earrings.

Robert Smith.

We like this energetic and modernized Letizia. There is life beyond the tailored suit. There are still a few weeks of convalescence ahead until his foot is healed and it seems that, for now, wearing sneakers or flat shoes with some dress or skirt does not contemplate it. Everything will be seen…

Letizia in white and pinkLetizia in white and pink

Doña Letizia, with a modern and fluid look.

Robert Smith.

For now it offers us this different set, architectural in nature and above all very fresh. As much as a strawberry and cream ice cream. If we add to that the laughter that, for sure, will be had in this evening of monologues, the happiness is almost complete.

Queen Letizia continues her intense week’s schedule

But this does not end here. He still has two more commitments ahead of him this week. Next Thursday, May 30, the Kings celebrate the first meeting of the Royal Board of Trustees of the Gallery of Royal Collections.

And on Friday the 31st, Doña Letizia inaugurates the 83rd edition of the Madrid Book Fair, in the heart of Retiro Park. By the way, these days his brother-in-law, Robert Gavin Bonnarpartner of his sister Telma, presents his first novel.

Days of intense tours and walks await the sovereign. We say no more…

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