Was Christian Nodal unfaithful to Cazzu with Estevie?

Christian Nodal ended up with Cazzu, because of Stevie? Photo: Cuartoscuro

Days after Christian Nodal and Cazzu made it official that their romance had come to an end, speculation about the reasons for their separation They don’t stop, and for this reason, we tell you why they say that the singer Estevie would have been the third in contention in the relationship.

Now that Christian Nodal has returned to being single, it is said that the “Probably” singer I would have been unfaithful to the mother of his daughter Inti, with Estevie. The young woman now romantically related to the composer is also making her way in the Mexican regional.

Christian Nodal and Cazzu, singers
Christian Nodal and Cazzu became parents months ago. Photo: AFP

Why do they say Christian Nodal would have cheated on Cazzu with Estevie?

Estevie’s name began to monopolize the media as soon as it became known about the breakup of Christian Nodal and Cazzu, who became parents in September 2023.

The cumbia performer has been romantically linked to Nodal, with rumors indicating that something existed between them when he was still with the Argentine singer.

The conversation about Christian Nodal’s alleged infidelity with Estevie was unleashed by Some photographs that the Mexican published on social networks. In the images they pose together and are part of one of the presentations in which the singers have shared the stage.

Estevie dedicates a message to Nodal in her publication, calling him her “favorite artist” and thanking him for believing in her.

Because of those photos, Estevie is now linked to Christian Nodal beyond friendship. So far nothing is proven and both the singer and Cazzu have not delved into the reasons for their separation.

Estevie has not given herself the space to deny what is said about her either.

Who is Estevie?

The young cumbia singer has Mexican ancestry. She was born in Beaumont, Californiaand is 21 years old.

Her real name is Silvia Silva and her first time on stage occurred when she participated, at the age of 11, in “La Academia Kids”. She began recording her own music in 2019 and two years later she released “Canela”; By 2023 she released the EP “Cumbialicious”.

In his collaboration with Eslabón Armado and Danny Lux.

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