Who is the singer who conquered Canelo Álvarez’s daughter?

Who is the singer who conquered Canelo Álvarez’s daughter?
Who is the singer who conquered Canelo Álvarez’s daughter?

There is no doubt that time flies and an example of this is that the boxer Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez premiered as father-in-lawafter it was made public engagement from her daughter Emily Cinnamon with a famous singer of regional Mexican music.

Canelo, who just a few weeks ago successfully defended his title as undisputed champion in the Super Middleweight, is back in the news, although this time indirectly, since his eldest daughter shouted her love for her boyfriend from the rooftops.

It was through her Instagram account that Emily Cinnamon shared a photo with the singer Jaziel Avilez, whom she tagged to say “I love you.”

The displays of love did not stop there, since later the regional singer himself shared a couple of photographs kissing Canelo’s daughter, to whom he dedicated a romantic message.

“The woman of my dreams. I love you,” said the message on Instagram, accompanied by a letter E for Emily and a heart emoji, in addition to the date 05-01-24, which could mean the day they began their relationship.

This situation immediately generated reactions on social networks, mainly focused on the Mexican boxer and his son-in-law, to whom many suggested not to deceive the young woman or he would face Canelo.

“Canelo is your father-in-law, don’t think of cheating on her”, “They throw Canelo out, let’s see how he does”, “How many hooks does Canelo give you per day?”, “Ah, dog, you did put up with the sparring” , are some comments that are read on social networks.

Who is Jaziel Avilez?

Jaziel Avilez is a 24-year-old singer, originally from Chihuahua, who currently has more than 3 million followers on the music platform Spotify.

Five years ago he released his first album of regional Mexican music and has already had collaborations with artists such as Titanes de Durango, Peso Pluma, Grupo Clasificado and Codiciado. Among his successes are songs such as Ando Enfocado and Rosas y Jazmines, among others.


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