Melissa Gilbert’s big life change after the success of The Ingalls Family

Melissa Gilbert’s big life change after the success of The Ingalls Family
Melissa Gilbert’s big life change after the success of The Ingalls Family

Written in SHOWS he 9/6/2024 · 10:00 p.m.

Melissa Gilbertknown worldwide for her iconic role as Laura in “The Ingalls Family“, has taken a radical turn in her life. At 60 years old, the actress has decided to move away from the Hollywood spotlight and opt for a more authentic life free from the beauty stereotypes that the industry imposes on women. This decision It has led her to give up aesthetic treatments such as Botox and move to a cabin in the Catskills hills, in New York State, with her husband Timothy Busfield.

Melissa Gilbert’s decision to abandon the luxuries of Los Angeles and move to a 30-acre cabin in the Catskills has been significant. This drastic change reflects her desire to live freely in her own skin and embrace the natural aging process. “This is me now, no hair dye, no fillers or implants, no Botox. I just take care of myself. I try to eat as healthy as I can. I drink a lot of water. And because of all this, I’m really enjoying the process of getting older,” she confessed. two years ago.

Melissa’s career began at the age of 10, achieving worldwide fame with “The Ingalls Family”, which aired between 1974 and 1983. Despite not repeating similar success in her later career, she never stopped working in theater, film and television. She was also president of the Screen Actors Guild between 2001 and 2005, and wrote her memoir at age 45, where she detailed her struggle with alcohol and drugs.

Melissa’s past was marked by romantic and professional failures, as well as a period of addictions and health problems. These difficult times were reflected in her book “Back to the Prairie.” On a personal level, she has been married three times and is the mother of two children, Dakota and Michael, and grandmother of several grandchildren. She found romantic stability with her third husband, Timothy Busfield, with whom she has been together since 2013.

Melissa and Timothy have adopted a self-sufficient life in their cabin in the Catskills. They dedicate themselves to taking care of chickens and growing their own vegetables, enjoying a simple life in contact with nature. During the pandemic, Melissa found inspiration to write a new book about this new free and simple life. “Our lives are simple now, and there’s a sweetness in that simplicity. And with that simplicity comes a real love for stillness and living my life in a peaceful place,” she told Fox News.

Melissa Gilbert’s life reflects a path of reinvention and authenticity. After decades in the spotlight, she has found peace and happiness in the simplicity of a rural life. This transition has not only transformed her lifestyle, but it has also changed her perspective on aging and beauty. By choosing a more natural and authentic life, Melissa has shown that true beauty and satisfaction are found in living according to one’s values ​​and in harmony with nature.

Despite her retirement from Hollywood, Melissa has not completely abandoned the world of entertainment. Her last television appearance was in 2015, in the series “The Night Shift.” In addition, she had a brief flirtation with politics, running for the Democratic Party in the 2016 elections, although this experience did not continue.

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