what happened to him and how is he

As of this Friday morning, no medical statements had been issued regarding his health and details about his evolution are unknown. However, it is expected that the medical center where he is hospitalized will issue a statement with details.

In addition to being an actor, Landriscina stands out for his particular way of reciting stories based on the regional traditions and customs of the country. Son of Italian immigrants, the comedian was born in Chaco on December 19, 1935, although when he was very young he moved with his family to Santa Fe, where he spent a large part of his life.


What Landriscina had said about his health a while ago

In November of last year, the comedian spoke with Gabriel Anello, gave details about his health and said that at that time he was having “a series of MRIs in his head” due to “dizziness problems.” “I am one of those who wants to live a little longer”he said with a smile.

On the other hand, at that time, as the emblematic cardiologist René Favaloro’s 100th birthday was celebrated, he participated in an event held at the CCK and recalled: “We left it alone to the Doctor. PAMI owed him a million and a half dollars and the province was nearby and he couldn’t pay the doctors, and that hurt him.”


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