Miles Teller returns to the army for the remake of ‘Officer and a Gentleman’

The ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ actor continues to pursue 80s cinema.

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It seems that Miles Teller He likes how the military uniform fits him, because after co-starring Top Gun: Maverickwill return to the Marine Corps to lead the remake of Officer and gentleman. A new version of the popular 80’s film that, at the time, starred Richard GereDebra Winger and the recently deceased Louis Gossett Jr. The reboot of the well-known romantic drama is undoubtedly another step on this ascending scale of obsessive passion that studios find in bringing viewers back to the usual stories, where the aforementioned decade is gaining special importance in that audiovisual fever for nostalgia.

Officer and gentleman
‘An Officer and a Gentleman’ (Paramount Pictures).

Officer and gentleman told the story of a young man who went to the Naval Academy to complete his training as an aviation officer, while ending up trapped between a torrid romance with the wrong girl and a tough gunnery sergeant apparently obsessed with making his life miserable. The original script was written by Matt Johnson, but now it will be adapted to the new times by the hand of Dana Fox (Cruella), who wrote the most recent draft of the libretto. In the executive production we find the Temple Hill label, with the direct participation of Wyck Godfrey and Marty Bowen. At the moment there is no director attached to the project, nor has any other cast member been confirmed.

Miles Teller returns to the army for the remake of 'An Officer and a Gentleman'
Milles Teller in ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ (Paramount Pictures).

‘Officer and gentleman’: a resounding success

Officer and gentleman
‘An Officer and a Gentleman’ (Paramount Pictures).

Released in 1982, Officer and gentleman It was the first major commercial success of Richard Gere’s career. The American had already stood out working under Terrence Malick in the brilliant days of heaven and in the American Gigolo of Paul Schrader. But it was the work of Taylor Hackford that brought him international recognition as a new star of commercial cinema. The criticism was received with slight reluctance, although contrary to that cold reception by the specialized press, Officer and gentleman She was nominated for six Oscars, winning two statuettes; one at a time Best song and another to Best Supporting Actor for Gossett Jr.

Louis Gossett

In addition to the recognition by the Academy, the film was a resounding success at the box office, grossing 129 million dollars, with a budget that did not even exceed eight million. Thus, its protagonist would become a magnet for the public that would end up materializing in the 90s, starring in other billboard phenomena such as pretty woman, The first knight, The two faces of the truth, The Jackal and Runaway Bride.

Romantic comedies
‘Pretty Woman’ (Touchstone Pictures).

Despite these merits, surely Officer and gentleman does not have special relevance within the intellectual properties awaiting an update. However, the current box office framework with the good work of titles such as Anyone but you either Rivalsoffers a good chance of success for a remake of a romantic feature film.

Teller has already started with another remake

sundance festival
‘Whiplash’ (Sony Pictures).

The future new version of Officer and gentleman or the reboot of Top Gun: Maverick These were not Teller’s first forays into 80s cinema. After his debut in 2010 with The secrets of the heartPennsylvania was part of the remake of Footloose starring Kenny Wormald and Julianne Hough. Of course, it would not be until 2014 where his explosion as an actor would lead him to be the visible face of Whiplash and one of the characters from the Divergent franchise. This 2024 will premiere The Gorge alongside Anya Taylor-Joy and in 2025, she will be part of the cast of Michael, the future and controversial biopic about the singer Michael Jackson. Beyond his role as Bradley Bradshaw, Teller has largely not been favored by his more commercial aspirations. He reboot of The Fantastic Four It was an absolute failure and the Divergent saga itself did not obtain the expected impact.

The Gorge
Miles Teller and Anya Taylor-Joy to star in ‘The Gorge’.

The fever of the 80s

Officer and gentleman
‘An Officer and a Gentleman’ (Paramount Pictures).

The obsession with remakes is something that has not stopped appearing systematically in the history of the North American industry. But the truth is that lately the fixation of that nostalgia has lately focused on projects from the 80s. From the late continuation of Tom Cruise’s pilots, to the forgotten Hard profession by Patrick Swayze, until its recent revision with Jake Gyllenhaal at the helm of road House. Likewise, a new continuation of both karate Kid like lethal weapon and from the Mike Nichols film, women’s weapons.

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