What Queen Letizia likes to talk about when she is in confidence: the topic she brings up in all her conversations

What Queen Letizia likes to talk about when she is in confidence: the topic she brings up in all her conversations
What Queen Letizia likes to talk about when she is in confidence: the topic she brings up in all her conversations

A few days ago, from Lecturas, we learned how King Felipe VI (56 years old) and Queen Letizia (51 years old) behave when the doors of the Zarzuela Palace are closed, but this medium has also been able to find out What is the Queen’s favorite topic when she is in confidence?. We know her love for reading, her interest in culture, her love for healthy living and fitness gastronomy, but there is something that the monarch’s wife carries in her heart and she cannot help but express.

The actor Carlos Castel, protagonist of ‘Nothing is forever’, who has met the Kings on several occasions when he was a member of the board of directors of the Academy of Television Sciences and Arts of Spain, told us what his experiences had been like. meetings with them and revealed what they had in common during their conversations when they closed the doors of the events they were at. The moment when everyone was relaxing and there was no media.

“Once the events were closed they relaxed, we relaxed, they both made jokes and They told curiosities about Letizia’s journalistic past“, the interpreter of Antena 3’s 90s fiction told us about the most surprising thing about his conversations with the Queen and Felipe. But not only that, Carlos revealed that Leonor and Sofía’s mother, another of the things that left him speechless because they told him that they liked him a lot “discuss the news together when you sit down to watch the news“Personally, I was impressed by the closeness they had when there was no longer any media. “They were both very nice.”he explained in his interview with Lecturas, where he has made a firm request to the network where he worked for 375 episodes.

Letizia’s journalistic life

It certainly seems that Letizia misses her journalistic side a lot. With a degree in Journalism from the Faculty of Information Sciences at the Complutense University of Madrid (where she will be named Honorary Student), the Queen also has a master’s degree in Audiovisual Journalism from the Institute of Audiovisual Journalism Studies.

Some of her classmates, Leonor and Sofía’s mother, said that Letizia was a student who did not hesitate to show her concerns and her security. But not only that, they also revealed that she was someone who had an enormous ability to work as a team and it was clear that she would go very far in the media because she was quite ambitious. Her career in the press began when she did an internship in the economics section of the Asturian newspaper ‘La Nueva España’ and since then she has not stopped. She was an editor at ‘CNN +’ / ‘Canal Plus’, ‘ABC’, an international editor at ‘EFE’ and a contributor to the Mexican magazine ‘Siglo XXI’ (where she signed with the pseudonym ‘Ada’).

“He was very firm, he had very defined goals in life.”, explained Olimpia Nájera, daughter of the family with whom the journalist was during her stay in Guadalajara (Mexico). “I remember that one time we went to a bar and the waiter came to light him a cigarette and shouted: ‘Auntie, but how are they going to light me a cigarette; I’m not an invalid.’ The moment my friend paid the bill, he also He exalted and said: ‘I don’t like being paid anything. I don’t want commitments with anyone!'” he added.

The photo of Queen Letizia on the border of the university.

But Letizia left the written press to start a career in television. And the Queen worked at Bloomberg TV and has been a presenter, editor and reporter for ‘CNN+’ and Spanish Radio Television. Furthermore, as a communicator was awarded the Larra award from the APM proposed by Spanish Television. Of course, this triumph, which is awarded to the journalist under 30 years of age who has distinguished himself the most during the year, had to be shared with Javier Mayoral from Telemadrid.

Very committed to her career, Letizia unexpectedly fell in love with Felipe VI. A love that changed everything completely. Her desire to be one of the best communications professionals made her reluctant to abandon journalism at the beginning of their relationship. In fact, according to some colleagues in the media and the Queen’s close circle, He had hopes of being able to continue dedicating himself to it in some way.I am sure that the decision to give up her career must have been the most difficult for her, because I remember that in her first appearance hand in hand with Felipe, one of the questions she was asked was if she was going to continue working and if she He said yes, he would love to. Then, after the request in El Pardo, from afar we asked her again if she was going to continue working. She smiled and said that she would like it,” Paloma Barrientos said in ‘Vanitatis’.

He October 31, 2003 at 9:00 p.m. Letizia appeared before the cameras with Alfredo Urdaci for the second edition of the news program for the last time. Once the commitment to Felipe was made public was when she no longer worked on something she was passionate about. A stage that the Queen remembers every time she can in her conversations behind the cameras.

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