Coldplay confirmed the release date of “Moon Music”, their tenth studio album

Coldplay confirmed the release date of “Moon Music”, their tenth studio album
Coldplay confirmed the release date of “Moon Music”, their tenth studio album

Coldplay announced their tenth studio album, titled “Moon Music”, which will be released on October 4. (Credits: Coldplay)

The famous British group Coldplay has announced the release of his tenth studio album, titled “Moon Music”which is scheduled to reach the ears of the world next 4th of October. This will be the group’s first album since “Music of the Spheres,” which arrived in 2021. The band has also revealed that the first single, “feelslikeimfallinginlove,” will be released this Friday, June 21.

The production of this new album has been in charge of Max Martin, known for his work with artists such as Britney Spears, The Weeknd, Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande. Likewise, renowned for their environmental awareness, this time the group has gone a step further, prioritizing sustainability in the release of their next album.

The first single from the album, “feelslikeimfallinginlove”, will be released this Friday, June 21 (Credit: AP/Chris Pizzello)

In the official announcement, the band highlighted that, along with the sustainable measures implemented on their current tour – which has managed to reduce a 59% CO2e emissions compared to their previous stadium tour—they have also taken great steps to make the physical release of “Moon Music” as eco-friendly as possible.

The album will be the first in the world to be released as a 140-gram EcoRecord LP, with each copy made from nine recycled PET plastic bottles, collected from post-consumer waste. This innovative initiative will avoid the manufacture of more than 25 metric tons of virgin plastic and provide an 85% reduction in CO2 emissions in the manufacturing process per kilogram compared to traditional 140 gram vinyl.

Each copy of the album will be made from nine recycled PET plastic bottles (Credits: EFE/DAN PELED)

In addition, Coldplay has collaborated with its former partner “The Ocean Cleanup” to create an additional format: the Notebook Edition EcoRecord LP. The recycled plastic used for this special edition contains a 70% plastic from riversintercepted by The Ocean Cleanup of the Las Vacas River in Guatemala, preventing it from reaching the Gulf of Honduras and the Atlantic Ocean.

The CD editions of “Moon Music” will also feature eco-friendly innovations. They will be the first CDs in the world released in EcoCD format, manufactured with a 90% recycled polycarbonate, from post-consumer waste streams. This will provide a reduction of at least 78% in CO2 emissions per kilogramand will prevent the manufacture of more than five metric tons of virgin plastic.

Coldplay will release the album in four different editions to encourage sustainability. (Credit: Ritzau Scanpix/via REUTERS)

To reduce waste, the first pressing (both EcoRecord LP and EcoCD formats) will be strictly limited and produced to higher specifications than any future pressings. All First Edition EcoRecord LP products will be individually numbered.

All four physical versions of “Moon Music” are now available for pre-order and all are clearly marked as First Edition, with all EcoRecord rPET LP products individually numbered: Standard EcoCD, Standard EcoRecord LP, Notebook Edition EcoCD and Notebook Edition EcoRecord LP + EcoCD.

One edition of the album will feature a 28-page binder of notes, lyrics and illustrations from the album’s creation and recording process. (Credit: REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY)

The Notebook Edition (in both EcoCD and EcoRecord LP formats) is presented as a hardcover bound book. This book is a replica of the original study notebook of Chris Martin, with 28 pages of notes, lyrics and illustrations from the album’s creation and recording process. The Notebook Edition also includes additional voice notes and demos from the album’s recording sessions.

Coldplay has noted that these innovations are part of its ongoing effort to reduce its environmental footprint. By using recycled materials and incorporating plastic recovered from rivers and seas, the band seeks to raise awareness about the importance of sustainability in the music industry.

The first edition of the album will be strictly limited and individually numbered. (Credits: Coldplay)

Among other news from the band, during a recent concert in Athensan audience member, wrapped in an Israeli flag, attempted to get on stage and ended up crashing to the ground, knocking down several lights. Chris Martin, visibly concerned, asked to stop the show to make sure the man, identified as the Israeli comedian, Guy Hochman was fine.

The fan, who fell violently along with stage lights, was holding an Israeli flag.

Hochman, known for his controversial jokes about the conflict in Gaza, had previously announced on social media his intention to hold a protest during the concert. Although he didn’t know any Coldplay songs, he planned to “conquer the stage” and “wrap the flag around Chris.”

After the fall, Hochman revealed on Instagram that he suffered a broken rib and commented that he and his friends had been chanting pro-Israel during the event.

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