Alejandro Fantino’s crude response to Ricardo Darín: “You got into the mud”

Alejandro Fantino’s crude response to Ricardo Darín: “You got into the mud”
Alejandro Fantino’s crude response to Ricardo Darín: “You got into the mud”

Written in SHOWS he 6/17/2024 · 5:00 p.m.

At the middle of March, Alejandro Fantino aimed against Ricardo Darin for his position regarding the financing of public media and the National Institute of Audiovisual Sciences and Arts (INCAA).

The actor came out to answer the journalist and said on In the Afternoon (América TV): “I was a little surprised, but people change. He didn’t owe me anything either. I didn’t really understand why that was, because first of all it’s not true.” that he had a car that crashed into the trees, but let’s get out of here, because I didn’t answer him at the time, I’m not going to do it now.

On the other hand, he clarified his statements about the INCAA and Javier Milei: “I said that holding artists responsible when the accounts do not close was perverse, reckless and unfair. It is clear that this affected vested interests and they sent some guys who said ‘cut him off’ this bastard’s legs.’ It seems unfair to me when they lie.

In the last hours, and after listening to the actor’s statements, Alejandro Fantino He picked up the glove again and responded. “I cannot understand that you take Neura, my team and me to install the idea that what we say is because we are told to say it. You put us in a very uncomfortable place, a shitty place, quite ugly”Fantino said in Multiverse.

“You got into the mud of Argentine politics and you want to come out clean. In Argentina, those of us who make politics by giving our opinions are all in the mud, I will accept whatever comes; attacks, operations, assaults, defamations, it’s part of the game“, he added Alejandro Fantino.

Don’t say more than what they tell us to say because it breaks my nerves a lot. No one tells me to say anything, not Milei, no one. The thing about this crazy guy is that I like what he’s doing a lot more than what he’s not doing. He has the balls of a bull to defund you who have lived your entire life in the State“, he concluded Alejandro Fantinoforceful.

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