Why doesn’t Verónica Bastos drive Pica and extend?

Why doesn’t Verónica Bastos drive Pica and extend?
Why doesn’t Verónica Bastos drive Pica and extend?

Without Veronica BastosTelemundo’s Sunday show, It itches and spreadsbegan this Sunday a new stage with Lourdes Stephen and Carlos Adyan at the forefront of his driving.

“My heart overflows with gratitude to God, you and Telemundo for this incredible opportunity,” the Dominican presenter expressed days ago through social networks.

But what happened to Veronica? Why is she no longer part of the Show?

The Costa Rican journalist spoke about it on Friday on her program The hot table (Telemundo), where he revealed the reason that prevented him from driving the Show.

Veronica Bastos; Lourdes Stephen and Carlos Adyan.

Mezheat; Telemundo

“I want to thank Telemundo for inviting me to continue doing It itches and spreadsbut I want to tell you that due to previous commitments that I had and because of a daughter who is going to university, that I have to go look for a university with her and accompany her in this very important process, it is impossible for me to be in the city every Sunday from Miami,” Bastos explained.

“Besides, these girls [refiriéndose a sus compañeras de La mesa caliente] “They take away a lot of my energy during the week and I end up very tired,” the journalist added jokingly.

Bastos promised to return to the program next week coinciding with the premiere of The house of the famous All-Stars which, if there are no last minute changes, will begin in early 2024.

“I leave the program in the best hands,” he said. “I know Lourdes is going to do a great job and I also wish them good luck.”

Veronica Bastos.


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It itches and spreads airs Sundays at 10 pm ET on Telemundo. The program presents the most spicy and controversial in the world of entertainment, in addition to everything that happens in the reality shows of the chain, like Top Chef VIP 3.

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