Ana Karina Soto went against those who criticized her son Dante’s graduation – Publimetro Colombia

Ana Karina Soto went against those who criticized her son Dante’s graduation – Publimetro Colombia
Ana Karina Soto went against those who criticized her son Dante’s graduation – Publimetro Colombia

Ana Karina Soto is a renowned Colombian presenter, who became known for her participation in ‘Protagonistas de Nuestra Tele’ on RCN Televisión. Later, thanks to her charisma and talent in front of the cameras, she became part of Estilo RCN, a strip belonging to Noticias RCN, where she shone for several years. However, in order to exploit her talent as a host, she is currently part of the team of ‘Mañana Express’ and ‘Buen día Colombia’, a job that she integrates along with the role of her mother along with the couple. of her Alejandro Aguilar, but recently Ana Karina ‘sung the table’ to those who criticized her son Dante’s graduation.

What happened to Ana Karina Soto’s son?

A few days ago the presenter was able to experience one of the first achievements of her little Dante, who was a dream come true for her, because it allowed her to become a mother and, according to her, to know true love with her partner, Alejandro Aguilar, with whom she has been sharing for more than 13 years.

Dante graduated from transition wearing a suit and a bow and of course, filling his parents with emotion, who did not hesitate to share their happiness through their social networks, however, days later, he did not hesitate to reopen the theme was Ana Karina thanking her fans for their messages of love and affection, but also referring to the criticism she constantly receives because according to some haters, Your child is behind in his or her school level.

“Understanding why they follow you, to criticize you, that if Dante is very old, has long hair, if Dante is 7 years old, how is he going to graduate from preschool (…) All children have a different process, we must respect. Let us remember that Dante was told garden during a pandemic and when he was going to graduate from garden they told us that he could not really enjoy his time in the garden, because they don’t let him spend one more year than if he enjoys his garden and then goes to school when he grows up. When we took him to school they told us the same thing, Dante is perfect to enter pre-kindergarten to share with children his age,” were some of the statements by the presenter of ‘Buen día Colombia’.

Finally, Ana Karina highlighted that despite this, it was a very beautiful moment for her son and now he will live a new stage, highlighting that he knows how to read, write, add and subtract perfectly: “I am surprised by the critical messages. Love, respect and empathy (Since that word is so fashionable) (…) We don’t mess with anyone, we don’t hurt anyone.”

Who is Ana Karina Soto’s partner?

Ana Karina Soto’s partner is Alejandro Aguilar, an actor, director and film producer, who is remembered for his participation in productions such as ‘Corazones armorados’, ‘Amor sincere’, ‘Rosario Tijeras’, among others. The presenter and the actor are considered one of the most stable couples in national entertainment and although Ana Karina is still waiting for the ring, she makes it clear how in love they are and the support they give each other in each of their projects.

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