Away from Argentina, this is how Federico, the successful brother of the remembered Fernando Peña, is today

The world of entertainment and its fans fondly remember Fernando Pena, who knew how to be an actor and great journalist recognized for his work both in Uruguay and Argentina. The artist died in 2009 and there is still a legacy that generates great interest in followers of his career.

Federico González Peña is the younger brother and only heir to the voice of Radio del Plata. Like his older brother, he dedicated himself to the arts. While Fernando Pena He combined the work of his journalist father and his actress mother, the other chose music.

Fernando Peña was incredibly multifaceted.

The brother of Fernando Pena He made the keyboard his great passion. At 58 years old, and for more than 20 years, she has been shining in North America. The musician has a great career fully recognized in the jazz environment, since he managed to work with renowned personalities such as Roy Hargrove, Marcus Miller, Cassandra Wilson, Chaka Khan and dozens more.


Although Federico was part of SMV, a super musical group that was founded in 2008, maintains a low profile in national entertainment. However, when he passed away Fernando Pena All eyes were on him, since he did not come to Argentina to say goodbye to his brother.

At that time, his absence generated many speculations regarding a possible separation or a fight between the two. However, in conversations with Noticias magazine, Federico said: “Last week when he called me Pita from Buenos Aires and he told me that my brother was very bad. That was Tuesday, the day before he died.”

Fernando’s farewell

The great multifaceted artist, who had the pleasure of shining in theater, writing and radio, had accepted his illness in 2004 when he stopped taking medication to counteract the effects of HIV. Furthermore, he had been diagnosed with liver cancer, which was what ended his life.

Fernando starred in a unique moment in Mirtha’s program.

The author of “Thank you for flying with me” faced each moment with humor and, with great resilience, became a great communicator, to the point that he himself declared: “People who live passionately die young.”

Fernando was a very beloved figure.

It should be noted that when his terminal cancer was detected, he decided that his death was not going to be a drama. He chose for his farewell to be fun, so when they watched him in the Buenos Aires legislature they put everything he had asked for, electronic music, sequins and a bottle of whiskey next to the coffin.

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