Queen Letizia, radiant in blue, recovers her best version on the tenth anniversary of the proclamation of Felipe VI with a midi skirt and asymmetrical blouse

Queen Letizia, radiant in blue, recovers her best version on the tenth anniversary of the proclamation of Felipe VI with a midi skirt and asymmetrical blouse
Queen Letizia, radiant in blue, recovers her best version on the tenth anniversary of the proclamation of Felipe VI with a midi skirt and asymmetrical blouse

On June 19, 2014, the Proclamation of Felipe VI raised Letizia Ortiz as Queen of Spain. An unimaginable title for that Asturian girl who dreamed of being a journalist like her grandmother and her father. Today, converted into one of the most acclaimed Queens on the royal scene, celebrates the tenth anniversary of an accession to the throne which, for many, meant salvation from a mortally wounded Corona. “Service, commitment and duty” is the motto that the monarchs have chosen for their reign.

When Doña Letizia (51 years old) began her path as Queen she had a clear objective: to be much more than a consort. And boy has she achieved it. Thanks to her work, determination, dedication and perseverance, she has earned an irreplaceable place in the day-to-day life of a more modern and transparent Royal House.

This Wednesday, all attention was on the Royal Palace of Madrid. Around 11:30 a.m., the kings Felipe and Letizia, in the company of Leonor and Sofía, inaugurated the commemorative events for the 10th anniversary of the Proclamation of the King from the balcony. It was at that moment when we were able to see the styling that the Queen and her daughters have chosen for the occasion.


After months in which jacket suits have become her work uniform, Mrs. Letizia recovered her best version with an elegant and flattering blue satin set. ORn two pieces consisting of a blouse with an asymmetrical neckline and a midi skirt which premiered in 2023 for the Luca de Tena Awards and wanted to rescue on this important day. Both garments, made of natural silk by the Spanish brand Maksu, stand out for their sophistication and fluidity. An elegant as well as comfortable bet that was completed with some beautiful gold flat sandals.

Regarding jewelry, Felipe VI’s wife has surprised with some striking XXL earrings. Two large Sibela crystal tears with carved sapphire and champagne stones, which has elevated the look even more. Her now eternal Coreterno ring put the finishing touch to the style.


If we look back it is impossible not to remember Felipe Varela’s exclusive two-piece that she debuted in her debut as Queen of Spain. A simple and impeccable midi dress that came accompanied by a jacket full of colorful inlays on the neckline that gave a very special and sophisticated touch to the design. The meaning of the look is so great that Doña Letizia has not used it again. Instead, today she has opted for a more informal outfit with a vibrant blue that we have fallen in love with.

Letizia’s transformation in 10 years as Queen: more natural and closer

Throughout this decade, Letizia has evolved not only physically, but also in terms of her role within the Royal House. Her official agenda has multiplied with events in which culture and social problems have great weight. Furthermore, it is evident that her past as a journalist has given her a lot of security in front of the cameras, a naturalness that is increasingly present in her speeches. The Queen knows the media perfectly and “uses” it to her advantage to give visibility to issues that without her presence would go completely unnoticed.


Little by little, the Queen has left behind the rigidity that she presented in her first years as a member of the royal family in favor of a more relaxed and confident attitude. For years boasts of being much closer and more natural, a change that has led him to become a key piece of the monarchy. Although it is difficult for us to believe it, patience is another of the virtues, an essential characteristic when carrying out her work as a consort.

However, if there is something in which the Queen has not given her arm to twist, it is in relation to her private life. Once the palace doors close, Doña Letizia wants to enjoy free time with her husband, her daughters and her friends. And although she is aware of the limitations she has, in recent times it has been common to see the couple walking through the center of Madrid or enjoying cultural plans away from prying eyes.

The painful injury of Queen Letizia, very present on the anniversary of the proclamation

Around 11:20 a.m., the kings made their long-awaited appearance on the balcony of the Royal Palace. Very happy and united, they greeted the hundreds of curious people who shouted their names from the Plaza de Oriente as the solemn changing of the Royal Guard began. It was at that same moment that Doña Letizia began to show signs of discomfort as a result of the painful injury that she has been suffering for months. He was leaning on the railing, putting on a serious expression.…until from one moment to the next a bench appeared right behind.

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