Leonor stands up to Letizia in front of Zarzuela employees

Leonor stands up to Letizia in front of Zarzuela employees
Leonor stands up to Letizia in front of Zarzuela employees

It has been requested that no member of the new Royal House hinder and overshadow the great protagonist of the day, Philip VI. However, with Leonor’s presence at the event it is an impossible mission. Although she has not yet finished her military training with the Army until receiving the decoration at the beginning of July, she has slowed down her activity these days to be present on the most important day for her father, the 10th anniversary of the proclamation as king of Spain after the abdication of Juan Carlos I.

In the latest survey on Casa Real, Leonor approves with flying colors according to the opinion of the citizens. The monarchy has never been very loved by the Spanish, but the merits of the princess, and logically of her parents, have led to a resurgence. It seems that the famous ‘operation Leonor’ has had an effect. They have completely disconnected her from surname Borbón to begin a new stage.

Sofia and Leonor

Leonor does not want them to decide for her, she is no longer a girl

To date Letizia has always had Leonor under her control, however the princess is no longer a child and has stood up to her mother. She disobeys all of her rules, especially since she is in the military center and goes out to party every weekend and eats fast food.

The princess has the same team of advisors as Letizia. Her great friends, Luz Valero and Eva Fernández, also dress her, do her hair and do her makeup. However, Eleanor He complains a lot about the clothes he has to wear. Unlike Sofia, who opts for more youthful looks, in the case of the princess she dresses like a 50 year old lady, exactly like the queen. And the monarch triumphs, but she fails to connect with her true audience, the children and young people of today who will be the adults of her reign.

Leonor on the 10th anniversary of Felipe’s proclamation

In the first images of this important day, Sofía has reappeared with a sleeveless t-shirt with an asymmetrical cut, navy blue and a beautiful pink print, while Leonor has had to be hot again with a red suit jacket. Leonor has confronted her mother for choosing this outfit for her in which she feels uncomfortable, she cannot even move her arm to say hello. She is the future queen and she has to dress like one, she tells him. Instead, Letizia chose a beautiful dress in electric blue. They had a strong argument in front of Zarzuela employees.

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