Kings Letizia and Felipe return it to their daughters Leonor and Sofía and also break protocol by surprise

Kings Letizia and Felipe return it to their daughters Leonor and Sofía and also break protocol by surprise
Kings Letizia and Felipe return it to their daughters Leonor and Sofía and also break protocol by surprise

Tit for tat. Although, well, everything with a much more familiar and fun tone. If Leonor and Sofía were the first to break protocol to send a message to their parents on the occasion of a day as special as the anniversary of the king’s proclamation, then it was Felipe and Letizia who took revenge. The kings wanted to make an appearance during the visit that their daughters were making alone to the Gallery of the Royal Collections. A surprise appearance that has completely changed their plans.

Zarzuela wanted to celebrate this tenth anniversary in style by organizing a very complete day. From the arrival of the kings and their daughters to the Royal Palace to attend the changing of the guard to a concert in the courtyard so that everyone can enjoy the music and the show. Events of all kinds, some more formal and others less, that attempt not only to celebrate the monarchy but also conquer the citizens.

And it is here where the daughters of the kings have had a very important role. The spontaneity of the young women has achieved thrill your father and those present at the royal reception. New winds come to the family and they come from the hand of Leonor and Sofía.

The surprise of Kings Felipe and Letizia to their daughters

Although it was planned that the daughters of the kings would be in charge of guiding a group of young people through the Gallery of the Royal Collections, in the end they were not alone. At the end of the event, it was the kings themselves who They have surprised their daughters live. Felipe and Letizia wanted to accompany the young women in the final stretch and greet those present.

It was all part of a surprise that the Spanish monarchs had prepared. His daughters were enjoying the tour of the Galleries and at that moment an official car arrived at the scene. Felipe and Letizia got out of the vehicle to enter the interior of the Royal Collections Galleries, while They asked those present for silence so that the surprise to his daughters would be even greater and they would not be aware of his presence.

In this way, the parents of the Princess of Asturias They took revenge against their daughters for this leap of protocol that they had made in the morning to show their gratitude in an emotional speech that has not left anyone indifferent. This gesture also demonstrates the family harmony that the members of the Spanish Royal House have with each other.


On the other hand, it also represents a moment that the four spend together, in addition to the different official events framed within this tenth anniversary of the proclamation. Infanta Sofía has just returned from Wales after finishing her first year of international baccalaureate. For her part, her heir to the Spanish Crown is in the final stretch of her first year of military training in the Army.

The role of Leonor and Sofía on the anniversary of their father’s proclamation

Many things have changed in these ten years that Felipe VI is king. It can be seen especially in his daughters. If they were girls when the then Prince of Asturias was sworn in, now they are they walk their own path. Leonor, now of age, is in full military training, while her sister Sofía lives in Wales studying high school. A very different year for each and every member of the Royal Family.

The daughters of the kings accompanied their parents upon arrival at the Royal Palace and became surprise protagonists. The young women interrupted lunch to dedicate a message to their parents. Nervously, they took the floor to thank their parents for everything they had learned. His “mom and dad” touched King Felipe, who was on the verge of crying. Letizia, her daughters’ accomplice, followed them with her eyes. Definitely, the monarch did not expect it.

In fact, the message that the two daughters of the Kings have chosen has been a full-fledged declaration of intentions. The little girls have pointed out the commitment that the four members of their family have with all Spaniards, making clear the ideas of the heiress and her sister as a key aspect within this renewal of the Spanish monarchy that is being carried out. . At its conclusion, they asked for a toast for their parents while Queen Sofia’s son was with eyes glazed with suppressed emotion of the very special moment.

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