Is Cazzu pregnant with Christian Nodal again?

Is Cazzu pregnant with Christian Nodal again?
Is Cazzu pregnant with Christian Nodal again?

Rumors in the entertainment world do not stop revolving around Christian Nodal and her complicated love life. Although there was initially speculation about a possible pregnancy for Ángela Aguilar, new information suggests that the true protagonist of this story could be cazzuthe former partner of Nodal. According to the journalist María Luisa Valdés Doriathe Argentine rapper would be expecting her second child with Nodal, almost a month after their breakup.

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Cazzu and Nodal They became parents for the first time in September 2023, with the birth of their daughter Inti. The relationship between the two has been under public scrutiny from the beginning, and even more so after the breakup announced on May 23, 2024. Despite the separation, Valdés Doria assures that cazzu She became pregnant by Nodal before ending their relationship, which has generated a wave of speculation and comments on social networks.

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The Silence of Cazzu

Until now, cazzu She has neither confirmed nor denied the rumors about her pregnancy. The rapper has chosen to remain silent and she has not given any public signal confirming the news. Even before the romance between Nodal and Angela Aguilar, cazzu He shared a video on social networks where he was seen partying, which raised doubts about the veracity of the rumors, since it is unlikely that a pregnant woman will be exposed to certain activities, unless she does not consume alcohol.

The New Romance of Nodal and Ángela Aguilar

The relationship between Christian Nodal and Angela Aguilar has been another source of controversy. After Angela proudly showed off her boyfriend’s initials tattooed on her, speculation raged again. Many have pointed out Nodal’s alleged infidelity towards cazzuwhich has further complicated the situation for everyone involved.

Agreements and Silence

A possible reason for the silence of cazzu could be a monetary agreement with Nodal. According to the host of Chisme No Like, Javier Ceriani, the singer would have transferred 9 million dollars to an account in the name of cazzu, intended for the benefit of his daughter Inti until she turns 18. Besides, Nodal would have put three properties in Argentina in Cazzu’s name, which suggests that there are economic interests involved in maintaining discretion.

Ceriani commented: “cazzu will not talk about the breakup due to these agreements.” This statement raises questions about the true dynamics of the relationship and separation between Nodal and Cazzuas well as the impact on their professional and personal lives.

Cazzu’s Final Thoughts

Despite speculation, cazzu She has been very secretive about her private life. In a brief statement on his social networks, he expressed his frustration over the media exposure: “It is very overwhelming to be in the news everywhere for something like this. I always tried to avoid this side of such ruthless media exposure… I take responsibility for my choices and also what I have no control over.”

Meanwhile, the relationship of Angela Aguilar and Christian Nodal continues to capture the public’s attention. Both have demonstrated chemistry and a special connection since their collaboration on the song “Dime como Quiero” in 2020. The relationship, which according to Aguilar, is not new but rather a continuation, has further fueled rumors and interest in the personal life of these popular singers.

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Published: 2024-06-20

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