Iconic and with an invaluable history: this is how Mirtha Legrand’s childhood home looks today

One of the figures in the world of acting and entertainment who undoubtedly captures everyone’s attention is Mirtha Legrand. A while ago, he resumed driving on weekends at El Trece, and the fans are going crazy with every step he takes. And if there is something that people admire about the actress and host, it is her career and career throughout her life. One of the most sensitive details, which she always makes clear as part of her fundamental pillars, is her family. Now, some information about her childhood has come to light.

In the series “A la Tarde”, which Karina Mazzocco hosts on América TV, some details were given about what the life of the host of El Trece was like, Mirtha Legrand, when he lived in Villa Canás, something that will surely surprise many of his fans. “We found this pearl. Far from being a reformulated house, enhanced, it was intact,” said journalist Luis Bremer when he began to talk about Mirtha’s house in Santa Fe when she was a girl. “Three pieces of furniture where Mirtha and her family kept their cutlery, a chandelier that was requested by Mirtha Legrand herself from the owner of this place. The owner is the son of the person who bought the house from Mirtha Legrand’s parents, where the caretaker there of Mirtha who was called Bruna and tried to take care of the restless Mirtha who later went to the carnivals at the age of 14”the panelist continued to relate about the host’s hidden past for many.

Mirtha Legrand.

As shown by the chronicler of “A la Tarde”, who arrived at the door of what was the actress’s house Mirtha Legrand in Santa Fe and where a bicycle shop now operates, it could be seen that there are spaces on the property that are still intact from the time when the driver lived there with her family. “The rooms, the floors, remain the same. Also what was the living room in the past and the rest was renovated,” said Carlos, the owner of the place.

Mirtha went to the theater to see “Mamma Mia”

This Wednesday night, the host of El Trece went to the Coliseo theater to be part of the celebration of the musical comedy “Mamma Mía”, which completed its 100th performance in Argentina.

Mirtha accompanied by Héctor Vidal Rivas and Alejandro Veroutis.

The diva was accompanied by Gladys Andrade, her makeup artist; Elvira; Marcelo, her driver; Alejandro Veroutis and Héctor Vidal Rivas. Without a doubt, the host was one of the biggest centers of attention on that special night that brought back many memories. The flashes were aimed at the blonde and she seemed very comfortable.

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