They claim that Christian Nodal would have “bought” Cazzu’s silence after the media scandal with Ángela Aguilar

The singer generated a revolution after confirming his new relationship with the Mexican, who had formed a friendship with the Argentine trapper some time ago.

Christian Nodal and Cazzu in the video “Cazzualidades”. Photo: YouTube Christian Nodal.

The surprising separation of Cazzu and Christian Nodal generated all kinds of repercussions in the media and on social networks, although everything got worse when the Mexican singer whitewashed his new romance with Angela Aguilar.

This new relationship left the fans of both artists in shock, since very recently Nodal had been very happy with the Argentine trapper, his former girlfriend and mother of his daughter Inti. However, they announced their separation approximately three months ago.

Christian Nodal and Ángela Aguilar. Photos: Instagram.

In this context, rumors began to circulate that the relationship between the Mexican and Ángela Aguilar born from infidelity. Faced with these speculations, Cazzu decided not to reveal details, but was forceful in his statement: “Life is not totally beautiful or totally horrible, Neither are people completely 100% good or bad.There are always grays and nuances, but the important thing is to breathe and resist with love the necessary processes and learn. Thank you for the concern of so many. Now let’s turn the page, live and let live,” she expressed.

Along these lines, the host of the program Gossip No Like revealed that supposedly Christian Nodal I would have paid him a millionaire sum to the rag to keep quiet about everything that happened with their relationship.

Christian Nodal, Cazzu and Ángela Aguilar. Photo: Instagram. Christian Nodal, Cazzu and Ángela Aguilar. Photo: Instagram.

According to the presenter, within the payment would be the “real estate and bank accounts”. He would also have given the Argentine singer three houses in his name. “Nodal would have given Cazzu and the girl (Inti) a chilling bank account of nine million dollarswhich Cazzu will drive until the baby turns 18,” said the cycle driver.

In this way, in the program they came to the conclusion that the Argentine trapper would have remained silent because of everything that Nodal offered her.

Christian Nodal and Ángela Aguilar. Photos: Instagram.

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María Becerra defended Cazzu after her separation from Nodal

María Becerra spoke in Show Partners after the controversial separation they had Cazzu and Christian Nodal. The singer spoke without filters and assured her support for her colleague and friend.

“I saw that he wrote a message on social networks and I am glad that he is going through it calmly and at peace with what he can at this moment. All my support for her, because It’s horrible to go through a situation like that.”, he expressed.

María Becerra defended Cazzu. Video: eltrece.

The girl from Argentina made reference to the Mexican’s attitude towards Ángela Aguilar, his new partner, and the rumors of infidelity surrounding his relationship with the urban singer.

Additionally, Becerra spoke about the importance of prioritizing Inti, the daughter that both singers share: “I really hope that Cazzu I can go through it in the best way and may she have peace for herself and her daughter, which is what she deserves. The truth is that I am not the one to advise, but I hope this happens. The main thing is happiness and security of the baby.”

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