The new photos of Nati Jota from Miami that caught everyone’s attention

Nati Jota He celebrated his third decade in the streaming program he has on OLGA. One of her most emotional moments was when Grego Rossello dedicated a letter to her. “I wrote this to you. I’m just going to make this disclaimer. It makes me a little embarrassed because I wrote seriously. “She painted me,” he began by saying.

“We have known each other for 8 years and for 8 years every time we upload a photo they tell us ‘they should be together’. Well, they probably tell me more than they do to you because you are a bomb and I would be stealing,” he expressed in It would be incredible.

And he continued: “I am with Nati Jota. Just as they hear it. We are together. Maybe not in the way she would ship. Here there are no contracts, kisses, much less sex, but I can say with great pride that I am with Natalia Jersonsky and I hope I will be with her all my life. “That’s what I said on Saturday when we hugged after the birthday cake,” she said.

“I hope we will be friends forever. Perhaps this letter will give more than one a bit of a cringe. It sucks me an egg. It seems like an incredible opportunity to express my pride in my friend because I don’t think I ever explained the pride I have in being a friend of Nati Jota. A girl who made herself. Really alone,” she indicated.

The new photos of Nati Jota from Miami that caught everyone’s attention

Finally, Rossello read: “Of all the ‘Natalias’ that I knew, two more joined that I didn’t know, but I was hoping. The ‘Nati journalist’, carrying out eternal streams during the elections and the second, my favorite, the ‘Nati conductora’. I’m not going to lie to you. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be with Natalia. The answer is more than obvious. It would be incredible, but sorry. We are only friends”.

Photos of Nati Jota in Miami

In instagram, Nati Jota She is very active and frequently shares moments from her personal life that delight her fans. Now, from Miami, she uploaded new photos that caught everyone’s attention.

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