The hard personal trance of Sergio Lapegüe: “Strength, more”

The hard personal trance of Sergio Lapegüe: “Strength, more”
The hard personal trance of Sergio Lapegüe: “Strength, more”

Written in SHOWS he 6/24/2024 · 12:43 p.m.

It’s been quite some time since Elba, Sergio Lapegüe’s mother, lives with Alzheimer’s. Although at first the problems that occurred were related to memory, as time went by his health was affected on other levels. The driver has shared many times the details of this illness that is gradually extinguishing the life of his mother.

“It is a very cruel disease and we do everything possible to ensure that she is well. So that she does not suffer. When my mother grabs my hand, she does not let me go, like when I was a child when we went out through these same streets hand in hand to do things. shopping. Many things may happen, I will be able to ask myself many questions, what I am sure of is that no matter how harmful this disease is, it will not be able to defeat the love of a mother with her children,” he once wrote on his networks.

Now, her anguish became stronger because her mother had to be hospitalized again over the weekend. Although she did not give specific details, on her Instagram account she uploaded some stories of her wishing her strength but also asking her followers to send her the best energy.

For some time, the journalist knew how to keep the problem that afflicted his mother to himself. Only in 2020, when the entire world was fighting the COVID pandemic and he himself suffered the disease firsthand, did he dare to show that vulnerable part of his life.

Lapegüe with his mother, a few years ago.
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